Guzzle: Arturo
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Arturo is all about the macho culture of Latin men. He pulls back the satin fabric to let his pecker free. It begins to grow as this sexy straight guy watches some pussy porn. Brendon can only take this guy in small doses. Arturo's body is hairless and the skin is so smooth. He strokes his cock gently, knowing where to apply pressure, how to pleasure himself. His severely pulled back hair is the key to his personality; strict, determined. Brendon kneels next to Arturo, ready to service.

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Mystic (04/24/21):
Hey Gringa, I asked the same question about a year ago through their support thing because this is one of my favorite scenes. I was told the first video wasn't filmed because Arturo wasn't ready to be on camera and was going to leave but Brendon talked him into letting him suck his cock anyway...LOL! I'm so jealous!

Gringa (04/22/21):
What happened to the first video with Arturo? You mentioned it early in the video and I’d love to see it, it’s not on the site ...

Dave (04/15/12):
Nice body, nasty attitude. This is one model that seems just a couple of points shy of doing physical violence to you. Unless that's what you're looking for, personally, I'm not. Arturo has a 'disgusted' look on his face almost the entire time. If one could read his thoughts, well, they'd probably be extremely homophobic even though he's 'performing'. And for someone giving disparaging looks at the two gay guys, he probably shouldn't be using facial product and sculpting his eyebrows.

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