Heavy Loads: Ali
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Ali has his stiff prick right at the edge of a shattering orgasm and Brendon is capturing the swarthy Arab on camera. His movie star looks match his macho hairy body. Caught against the black curtain, Ali is whispering “I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum” as his balls tighten and force out a salty, manly load. He's breathless now as the salty thick load oozes out of his dick head and flows down his meaty fist. That was a hot audition Ali, hope we see you again in Brendon's mouth.

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Gustavo lays back and offers his delicious ass to Brendon’s tongue for a thorough going over. Brendon shoves his tongue in Gustavo's tight straight hole until he couldn't handle anymore. Gustavo pays Brendon back with a hot juicy load.
Release Date: 06/27/08 Gozar: Gustavo Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gustavo
This scene is sexy from the git.  Oscar plays with his plump, beautiful dick until he cums on his own belly. This sexy stallion is packing one thick load for your viewing pleasure. Slurp it up boys!
Release Date: 12/07/07 Sauna Diaries: Oscar Featuring: Oscar, Brendon Marley
From the studly buzz cut hair to the sculpted body, you would be forgiven if you thought we had gotten some early nude footage of Channing Tatum. But Sasha is his own man. And there is no doubt about his manhood. He tells Brendon he has a jealous girlfriend at home, but today he is taking some ''me'' time to find out if she has anything to be jealous about. Oh yeah! She should keep him under lock and key, cause every woman and tons of guys will want to climb up those tree trunks for legs and swing from his gently curving cock. Him Tarzan... me Jane!
Release Date: 02/27/13 Pop-Up Parts: Sasha Featuring: Brendon Marley, Sasha