Heavy Loads part 2: Billy, Donita, Ricky
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Brendon uses a porn starlet named Donita to lure in some hunky young Brazilian studs. Ricky and Billy go fuck crazy! These two guys get so out of control Bill actually follows Brendon's order and sucks Ricky's cock- unbelievable! Even Mitch, the cameraman, hauls out his massive cock for a blow job!

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Tony is val-dick-torian by slamming his fat juicy rod up the teacher’s ass. Ouch! Brendon can only take it for a while, so Tony pulls out and let’s the teacher finish him off.
Release Date: 01/02/09 Straight Studies: Tony Returns Featuring: Tony, Brendon Marley
Mike B has a passing resemblance to Prince Harry of Britain. He may not have royal blood coursing through his viens, but he's a hot blooded young stud, and when he fucks around, he doesn't have to worry about pissing off the Queen. His shaved red nut bag is holding the crown jewels though, and Brendon digs this young guy bigtime. What really has Brendon on edge is that red hot poker sticking straight up between Mike's legs. Watch how Brendon starts by putting the lube on Mike's cock, then stroking it till he's comfortable. This young guy is anybody's now, so sit back and enjoy watching Mike get head fit for a King!
Release Date: 10/09/09 Straight Crush: Mike B Featuring: Brendon Marley, Mike B