Marines: T.J. Hart, Steve
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Steve has returned to do the scene with T.J. and he's kept his promise to Brendon that he'll let him suck his cock as long as there's a girl present. But Brendon has more in mind than just sucking his cock. By the time he's done with this super masculine Marine, Brendon has sucked his cock, rimmed his asshole and finger fucked him to a shattering orgasm.

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RCJ (12/13/15):
love to see a straight guy get rimmed and fingered. just confused why he needs a towel to masturbate?

mike (05/23/15):
the best 1 yet

people (03/28/13):
Please more vids of these three , try with branden fucking steve

mike (01/30/13):
I must say im not straight but I would love to put my cock in both of them!!!

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