My Husband Sucks:Ajay/Alana/Rusty
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Alana is the bait and Rusty is the catch as Brendon lays a trap for the 23 year-old county boy. When we met him in Cream Dreams, Rusty was flashing those baby blues and bragging that he busted his first nut as a nine year old. OK, Rusty, put up or shut up. Do you have what it takes to go head to head with Ajay and his alluring vixen of a wife? And can you handle a husband who not only shares his bride but wants to suck your cock too? Brendon's camera gets 'up close and personal' when this menage a trois gets down to business. Rusty can lay claim to some more bragging rights after today.

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SlimJim (11/14/18):
Just signed up and I have to say that I didn't think I would like to see a girl but watching how both guys act and get into it because a girl is involved is just amazing! YES!

Okay, so I know some of you guys don't like looking at women or hearing them during sex. But, a lot of my fans like the idea of having a girl entice two straight guys to fool around with each other and have been asking me to bring back some new Bait Bride episodes. I like to have a husband and wife, where the husband likes dick and then bring another straight dude in who doesn't like dick, but doesn't mind another dude sucking or jacking him - especially if there's a girl in the picture. Anyway, my married couple from Bait Bride disappeared on me, but luckily one of the straight guys who appeared on the site a few times before, Ajay, is married and suggested to me that his wife might like to do some porn. Ajay's been on the site a few times already, twice with me where we went from a hand job on the first go around, to rimming, sucking and finger fucking him on the second go around. He then returned to give cutie boy Cary, the fucking of a lifetime and now he's back with his wife Alana. To complete this delicious threesome, I brought in redneck Rusty, a musician by trade and a self proclaimed exhibitionist and a pretty cocky one at that. Rusty is kind of scruffy with a nice body, a long cock and most importantly, an open mind. He's only let me jack him off, but in the threesome with the young married couple, he basically lets Ajay do whatever he wants with his cock. The ending was spectacular with Ajay rubbing his cock against Rusty's until Rusty says he's going to cum and boy does he - he had held off from jacking off the night before and blew a spectacular load all over himself. Then Ajay cums so fucking hard that he blows all over Rusty's cock and body and also hits the wall! You can see the spooge dripping down the wall when I pan the camera over. The entire scene was super hot, I could barely keep myself out of it. And, I'm calling the new series ''My Husband Sucks'', pretty clever - LOL. I hope you all enjoy it.

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