My Husband Sucks:Ajay/Alana/Tyson
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What starts out as a friendly game of wife sharing ends in a twisted mass of bodies, cocks and jizz. Brendon invites one of his straight models from Dick Dynasty, Tyson, to join San Francisco's sexiest couple, Ajay and Alana. This couple swings in the most brilliant fashion. Today they welcome tall, slim Tyson to share in their bounty. Both guys have nice, fat dicks and Alana is a human pincushion as these guys probe every orifice she has. Tyson has never fucked another man's wife and it's especially hot while the husband is participating. Ajay gets to indulge his appetite for cock and Tyson is down for that, eventually sucking on Ajay's joint. This marital menage culminates in a double cum shot that has everyone shaking in their boots. Love... actually!

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Babyboy (02/03/22):
Definitely good pairing. Would love to see more of Ajay

Pete (12/26/19):
Insanely hot

SlimJim (11/14/18):
Another work of art! Damn those cocks are fat!!!!!

Ajay and his wife Alana are back for a second go around in my new series "My Husband Sucks", and boy did that ring true in this video. Not only did Ajay suck Tyson's huge cock, but surprisingly enough, straight boy Tyson returned the favor...more than once and seemed to really enjoy the man to man contact. I felt so fucking left out that you'll see me stick my hand between the boy's legs at one time or another during the video, to grab their balls and thick cocks. I make sure to let you guys also get a good look at the dudes' virgin holes. Alana was totally turned on by Tyson - especially when he strips down and his cock gets hard. If you remember, Tyson has been in my chair twice before and is one of my favorite types, he's a good looking, southern redneck, country boy with a naturally muscled body and a really big cock. He's from Gainesville, Florida, on the Gulf Coast which is not only 'gator country' but also 'redneck country'. And, Tyson sure proves he can fuck pussy like a real redneck man. He pounded that cunt's hole as hard as he pleased - and from the sounds she made (as annoying as that can be) she was loving every second. I was laughing to myself that she might trade Ajay out for Tyson's hot bod and cock. You could also see how turned on Ajay was just watching that redneck country boy fuck the crap out of his wife. Ajay wasn't missing out at his turn on Tyson's cock and took every opportunity to suck that big thing. And as I said, Tyson returned the favor a few times himself. Holy shit! Wait until you see the cumshots. Ajay soaks his wife's face, but Tyson, who said he held off for three days in anticipation of this shoot, flooded that bitch's face. She was covered -her face, her big ass glasses, her hair, her chest. If it wasn't on a girl, I would've definitely been on my hands and knees licking off every last drop of hot stud spooge - actually I've licked straight boy spooge off of some girls bodies and even ate the cum out of a pussy or two - so long ago I forgot which videos I did that in. Next time I want to see how far I can push Ajay. I want to have the other dude fuck her, cum in her pussy, then have Ajay fuck her pussy in the other dude's cum and then have the guys eat their cum out of her pussy. And, if they're not up to the job I guess I will - LOL!

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