Pop-Up Parts: Burdon
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Burdon has the boy next-door looks and youthful appearance to be the man of Brendon's dreams. Hell, he probably just voted for the first time. So it's high time some older guy, like Brendon, put him to the test. He can't get his pants off fast enough. His dick is hard before they hit the ground, but he likes girls, not guys. At just 21 he's too polite to say, ''get lost'', so he gets a hand job from someone old enough to be his daddy... lucky daddy.

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Muse (12/28/23):
I'd lick every drop of his load off his sexy smooth body!

Ken (12/28/23):
What a cute on-screen personality Burdon has. Hope to see him back with Brendon giving him deep throat.

tex-boy (12/28/23):
Burdon is one hot little stud - and what a huge cumshot!! I sure hope he's down for more with Brendon...would love to see him get head and shoot another gigantic load!

Burdon loves to fuck sleazy stoner bitches and totally gets off when they tell him to pull his cock out and cum on their face. He tells me all about some recent sex encounters he's had. He's a porn virgin, 21, cute, hung, full of personality and straight as an arrow. But, when I jack his perfect cock he doesn't balk. He says it's just business - as long as it's not a gay scene. He talks about this in the 'Outtakes'. And, I think I'm in love...again. Talk about being addicted to straight guys, I wanted to lock him in my studio and never let him go. Yeah, I'm a dirty old man, but I got over that a while ago. If I want to get my rocks off on what I like the best, straight boys, I have to be aggressive. I don't want to lose this one and I don't think he's going to let me suck him off, but you can be assured I'll try my darnedest. When I ask him if he ever had a girl lick his butthole he was obviously repulsed by the thought. He tells me his butt is off limits - it's a one way street - although he does admit that he'll eat a chick's pussy and asshole all day. So, anyway like I said, I get to jack his cock and talk dirty to him. He really gets off on the dirty talk and shoots a load all the way up to his neck and face. Then he tells me he's never cum like that - I felt so fulfilled that I could make him feel so good. This one will get you over the edge real quick!

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