Pop-Up Parts: Cary
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23 year olds get a lot of attention these days and when they're as hot as Cary, they should. Brown curly hair and blue eyes get the party started but the frosting on the cake is his big, hard dick. This scene wrote itself as Brendon just turned on the camera and Cary returned the favor. Brendon doesn't get to blow out the candle, but Cary lets the older man stroke his cock and lays back to be admired. When it cums time, he gives the honors to the director and Brendon jacks him off to a photo finish.

Isn't Cary a fucking hot boy? And what a big, beautiful cock he has - I can't pick out one thing I'd change about it. Now add his cute face, beautiful blue eyes and sexy, slender bod and think about all the sex he has - it's great to be hot, young and hung! I really wanted to get into his head a bit, so I interviewed him a little longer than I normally do. Maybe it was that I was in 'lust' with him and wanted to keep him there, but I know that I also wanted to find out what he was thinking when I pulled up next to him and started applying lube to that beautiful tool...and I wanted you guys to hear it too. He says he didn't expect it and I was very well aware that he was past what I call the 'zone' where his dick is in control of his mind, and he was now at the 'edge', ready to cum. I had to be careful, the precum was flowing and he acknowledged that he was 'almost there'. So, when I asked him what he was thinking when I started to lube his cock, he said he was surprised - but just figured "I'd go with flow". And that he did, my heart fluttered as I jacked his big cock, watched him moan and throw his head back and shoot a huge load on his belly, chest and up to his chin. There's nothing like jacking a hot,sexy boy! I really hope this one comes back and gives me the opportunity to push his boundaries.

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