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You know he's just too pretty to be straight. That's OK, because this video is a little different. It's David's audition to be Brendon's assistant. If you've been a member for a while, you know that Brendon has been searching for the right guy to help him out with his straight guy videos. And when he gets a guy he clicks with, Brendon likes his fans to share the experience. Some prospects start out good, but then disappear - so let's see how this one does. David has been an artist's model, and when you watch him unwrap his tall, languorous frame you'll be discovering your own inner Picasso. Be inspired by his rusty brown hair, or his satiny skin, or maybe by the way his fat, throbbing cock 'POP's out of his jeans. That's what inspires Brendon to go down on him and practically suck the marrow out of his bones. And when David's bone erupts, take off the 3-D glasses or you might get splashed.

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Grissom (11/16/23):
That young guy has the most perfect cock and balls - beautiful!

Lakeside (11/16/23):
OMG, this is my favorite! The other, earlier comments say it all --- David is adorable, yet sexy. Youthful, but experienced. A fantastic scene! A belated big thank you (sad that he seems to have never returned ... yet!).

killart007 (11/16/23):
Terrific. These vids are at their sexy best when the chemistry's right; and the chemistry between Brendon and David is sizzling hot.

blue (11/16/23):
this was a very good video but it would have been epic if brendon would have swallowed all of David's cum. It would have been epic if he continued to suck while David was cumming. Did you see David's expression while he was cumming? Just think of how intense it would have been if he kept sucking while that cum was exploding. Simply EPIC. We need more cum eating videos. That is what mad this site so popular. Let's get back to the cum eating and swallowing Brendon.

Barrister (11/16/23):
I have no words for how hot this scene is! David is amazing and I hope he gets the job AND more scenes.

tex-boy (11/16/23):
Wow! I sure hope David gets the job...he's totally HOT!! Everything about this guy is sexy...great personality, gorgeous looks, big dick, and a cum-shot that is worthy of a Golden Globe! Can't wait to see what Brendon has in store for him...YUM!!

paris27 (11/16/23):
Absolutely fantastic. Great responsiveness and real chemistry with Brendon. Love him!!!!! Please hire him! Would be great to see him with some of the models and Brendon a trois!

2013 marks this site's 17th year streaming straight guy video. It all started in the winter of 1996 - it's been a long time and I'm not getting any younger. So, about a year ago, instead of using temporary guys here and there, I thought it was about time that I had a permanent assistant to help me scout for straight men, spice up the sex a bit and lighten my workload. I think I've posted about four out of twenty "auditions" on the site. Up to now, even the most promising guys eventually flake out. You've seen a couple of the best in my videos. The first was Toby, a super hot boy with long hair, a hunky body and absolutely no hangups about sex. He did camera work, scouting, etc and you can also see him participate in Plugged: Shane & Toby. There was also Martin, a cute young guy. He actually got so turned on filming an orgy scene, the second camera guy catches him jacking off watching the video and then I suck him off on camera. You can see that in Straight Sperm Donors: Reggie, Ben, Chris & Martin. This time I need an assistant who can do it all and let me take it easy - it's about time. Anyway, I'm big time voyeur - so I enjoy watching as much as the doing. I might just add a submission form for assistants to the site in a week or so and see what happens with that. Take a look at David's screen test and let me know what you think. I'll look for your comments.

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