Pop-Up Parts: Geo & Ben
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We couldn't believe we hadn't paired these two studs before. Ben never disappoints, whether he is getting sucked off, fucking or obliging the director, he is the Robo cop of porn. It's always hard, he's always willing and he's always HOT! Pair that with Geo, who has grown up on camera in Brendon's studio, accommodating cocks of every size and shape up his bubble butt, and we give you a scene that you definitely can't take home to mother. Brendon has them fucking long and hard till they both shoot their loads. Geo's load needs a whole roll of paper towels to clean up... it's that good!

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28blackLA (01/11/24):
It’s kinda weird that Ben acts like he doesn’t want to touch Geo when he literally has his dick up his ass already. It’s as if he’s like it’s not gay if I don’t touch him. Like, sorry, my dude... touching him is not the gayest thing you’re going to do today lol

Jaime (01/11/24):
NOOO!!! Why did Ben shave his GORGEOUS hairy body???? WHY? WHY???

tex-boy (01/11/24):
This scene was smokin' hot! With two awesome guys like Geo and Ben, how could it be anything but hot!! Loved watching them getting down and dirty - and what a huge cum shot from Geo...truly amazing! He just kept shooting all over everthing - even his face! Hope you bring these guys back for an encore performance!

It's been a fantasy of mine for a while to get two of my favorite guys together, Geo and Ben. And, I finally managed to do it. Both guys are super hot, have big dicks and are up for just about anything... well anything that doesn't involve Ben's butt. Ben rather be on the receiving end of a blow job, but will suck cock if pushed. Geo of course, is focused on his butt and loves to get fucked by whatever means is available. However, he's not crazy about sucking dick. Both dudes only date women and except for their experiences with me, don't do anything on the outside with other guys. Making this video was super hot for me. I was on sexual overload half way through shooting it. So, I decided to get into the act. I sucked Ben's beautiful cock and he sucked mine as did Geo. I then finished off by jacking into my hand as I didn't think Ben would appreciate his stomach splattered with my spooge. I didn't include my self indulgence in this weeks scene, but for those of you who want to watch it, just watch the Outtake.

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