Pop-Up Parts: Geo, David
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Brendon puts out a call to his alter ego, Geo, to get down to the studio fast. There's a huge cock in here and this guy wants to fuck ass. David busted in here just a couple of weeks ago and made a big impression. His chocolate brown eyes and Hollywood jaw remind us of Colin Farrell and we think there's a similarity down under too. David's ball sack hangs low and Geo bends over backwards to please him. With an ass that is ripe for the picking, Geo takes David's rock hard dick every which way but loose. The chemistry is nothing short of dynamic as David plows his pump into Geo's butt, over and over until David shoots his wad.

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Geo Cums Back (12/15/23):
Geo here, and thank you for the kind and kinky comment section. I truly enjoy being fucked on film knowing someone is watching me take it deep and they cum over and over !! Feel free to setup a kinky series with super thick tops to DAP me and cum all over my ass ! Hit me up if you want to shoot a scene B!

jaxx (11/30/23):
This David has an absolute beautiful - perfect cock and balls. And so damn great to see pubic hair. Great video man

paris27 (11/30/23):
Great! Now how about David and Rhys together? Some raw emotional action and Rhys rimming David. And what a great scene it would be with this David and Geo when Geo is cumming if David had liked his butt while he came. Oh well, to dream......

tex-boy (11/30/23):
I'm a huge Geo fan - love everything about him! Sexy newbie, David, is rapidly becoming a favorite! Imagine these two going at it in all positions - fan-fuckin-tastic!! They were so incredible together...one crazy-hot scene!!

This week I put David, a prospective new assistant, through his second screen test challenge - hooking up with Geo. Whenever I have a hot guy with a big cock I think of how much Geo would like it in his boy pussy. It's hard to believe that Geo still has a girlfriend (who just happens to fuck him with a strap on - she loves that hole). Geo has the hungriest butt hole I've ever seen in porn - and he's basically straight! You'll see that he appreciates a dudes body and will do some caressing and a little cock sucking (although he always complains - says it hurts his jaw). He doesn't kiss dudes, he doesn't have a single romantic feeling for them, just loves sex - mainly getting fucked when it comes to dudes. Just shove a few fingers or a hand or a dildo or a big cock in that beautiful pink hole and he's happy. If you're a fan, you've seen me do all of that with him. Best thing is that he makes no excuses for his sexual fetish. Anyway, this is about my hot new find, David, I hope you all like him. I read some really nice comments from the last time he appeared, so keep it up. I want you guys to enjoy seeing whoever I finally select as an assistant. Let me know what you think - good or bad.

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