Pop-Up Parts: Guthrie
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Age is just another word for sexy when 34 year old Guthrie finds his way to Brendon's lair. Riding the waves has kept him fit and fucking the girls has kept him busy, but this slacker dude looks for other adventures today. With blonde hair and silky skin, Guthrie has a certain charm that is hard to identify. But Brendon is more than willing to investigate. Straight guys with experience are always looking for a new thrill and Guthrie finds himself hitting the jackpot when Brendon blows him, fingers his ass and pulls a huge load of jizz out of his throbbing dick. Rock on!

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U (12/07/23):
would’ve helped him finish if I were u

JamesH (12/07/23):

brad (12/07/23):
so hot! what a body! what a great ass! love how you got him so excited! got to get him back-please!

max (12/07/23):
what a hot guy. please have him back, love his ass, and how you make him excited when you play with his ass!

I pretty much found Guthrie working at the car wash I use. He was definitely rough around the edges, and could tell he was probably straight trade, but I could tell this boy had potential. So, as he was vacuuming my car, I told him I could pay him twice what he makes in a week at the wash for shooting a solo porn scene for me. I told him to meet me in the bathroom for a short screen test - I needed to see the goods first. He discretely followed me into the bathroom, waiting until I was in there for a few minutes. I told him to lift his shirt and pull down everything else and after what I saw it took only a few seconds to say "you're hired". I gave him my card and told him to call me for a time. I didn't hear from him for a few weeks. I think he pretty much knew this was going to be a bit more than a solo for what I was going to pay - but the money was too good for him not to do it. Now he can't wait to do the next one. I hope you guys enjoy Guthrie!

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