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We love it when our friends from Texas come a callin. Judd has shed his boots for a spell and finds San Francisco a mighty friendly place. And it aint no lie what they say about Texas. Damn! It's bigger... and fatter… and when it finally fills up with Judd's red blooded, all American boyjuice, it almost needs a name of its own. Brendon dances around the studio until he finds a way to get his hands on that longhorn, but it's pretty clear that Judd is not into a gay handjob. When he strokes himself to climax there's Texas Tea all over the big guy. Y'all come back now!

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ND (11/02/23):
This is one big tall glass of water! Wow!

alex (11/02/23):
Judd's hesitation to allowing Brendon to give him a hand job is sooo exciting! The tension of doing that to a man big enough to kick your ass is freakin' HOT!! Your courage Brendon is greatly appreciated!!

Ken (11/02/23):
I hope Judd comes back and is more generous with Brendon.

Tex-boy (11/02/23):
Judd makes us Texas boys proud! What a total package...sexy deep voice, beautiful smile, killer blue eyes, and a Texas-sized cock! Let's see if Judd will return for more adventures. One can only hope!!

I've noticed new members every so often will leave a comment about a guy not being cute enough or built enough, etc. I have no problem with criticism, but If you've been watching my videos for a long time, I assume you get it - the types of guys I like...and apparently have similar tastes. As many of you know I've been making these movies for a long time. When I started in 1990 (I started streaming them online in 1996) they were part of my private collection, many will never be seen as there were no releases, etc, since I never expected to distribute them. And from the very beginning my interest has been in everyday straight guys who have never had a gay experience. I like to find office workers, security guards, rockers, stoners, truck drivers, teachers, dentists, gym teachers - just the regular guy you run into every day - you know he's straight - he's kind of sexy - and you want to see what's under those clothes and suck his hopefully fat cock. Every once in a while I do come across hunks, bodybuilders, jocks,etc, and certainly wouldn't throw them out of my chair - but I still get off on the average Joe. There are lots of straight guy sites out there that specialize in "straight-ish" muscle guys, we used to call them 'gym bunnies' - but it's just not my thing. So, for those of you who share my taste, I think you'll really like this week's guy, Judd. He's a transplant from Texas and I think sexy as hell. I wish I could've done more with him, but you'll see he purposely holds back while I'm jacking him until my arm is ready to fall off, so I give in and let him have the pleasure of finishing himself off. Maybe I can get him back with a little more negotiating and get a bit further with him. Enjoy Judd!

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