Pop-Up Parts: Sasha
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From the studly buzz cut hair to the sculpted body, you would be forgiven if you thought we had gotten some early nude footage of Channing Tatum. But Sasha is his own man. And there is no doubt about his manhood. He tells Brendon he has a jealous girlfriend at home, but today he is taking some ''me'' time to find out if she has anything to be jealous about. Oh yeah! She should keep him under lock and key, cause every woman and tons of guys will want to climb up those tree trunks for legs and swing from his gently curving cock. Him Tarzan... me Jane!

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Mitchel (01/04/24):
Nice cock and killer ass!!! Dayum!!!

criss (01/04/24):
This guy is one of the best looking guys on this site you have to get him back to do much more by any means necessary :)

Ken (01/04/24):
What a hot man!!! Body and cock to die for. Wish his crotch wasn't trimmed. Wish he would have let Brendon have his way with him. Hope he comes back.

His delicious smell or his fucking gorgeous legs - not sure which interests me the most. There must be some of you who love the smells of a hot men - the natural scent, the after the shower scent, the fresh sweat scent. Let me tell you, this guy smelled so good that I had a boner as soon as he took off his shirt. I hovered around him to snort up his man smells - not sure if he noticed, but when I swapped his undies for two brand new sets - he didn't even ask me for the ones he was wearing back. I think he was on to me, but he never said anything if he was. I'm was saying to myself that this one gets off on being admired. Sasha is a hot straight boy who can't hear enough complements on just how hot he is. In the Outtakes I complement his legs - which are super hot - and I think if I let him he would've kept flexing and posing for me as long as I would have let him. When I tell him he's a '10' he has the biggest smile and thanks me. I did grab his balls and dick a few times and jacked it a bit during this video. And, if I can get this super hot stud back, I plan on feeding him the complements while he feeds me his cock. Well, while he's fresh in my memory and his undies are still warm, I need to knock out a load. I'm sure you guys will get off on his video too!

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