Pop-Up Parts: Sotero
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Sotero looks young, perhaps inexperienced and shy, but any 22 year old with a dick this big has had his share of the girls. They like that Mexican cock and the way these boys smell like fresh laundry. Once out of his baggy hoodie and jeans, Sotero can play with the big boys. Brendon slides his mouth down on that meat and tries to eat it. Watching the porn in Brendon's studio gets Sotero's dick to 'POP UP' and his guard down. You'll see him suck another guy's dick for the first time. Brendon loves getting a little 22 year old head. And when he 'POP's, Sotero gets that thick cream all over his hands. Nice job kid.

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Hornyatlbruh379 (12/23/23):
Sotero SMOLDERS on the screen and his dick looks like it tastes and feels heavenly! More please! 😛

DL Legendz (11/09/23):
Authentic I liked it!!

tex-boy (11/09/23):
Sotero was HOT, HOT, HOT!! I think he's good for a whole lot more sex in the future. He really got into sucking dick and looked like he wanted to take Brendon's load. And that sexy voice when he finally busted...WOW!!! More Sotero please!

Well, I couldn't believe it myself, this straight 22 year old first timer, a Latino boy, Sotero, is sucking my cock (I have what you'd call a 'starter cock', kind of average - good for practicing LOL) while he's watching pussy porn. I guess you guys picked up on what I did right away, he's very 'sweet' and compliant. And I took advantage of that. I let him get into the 'zone' by watching porn and then introduced him to my hand, then my mouth and finally got him to suck my cock. There was a little negotiation off camera regarding his cocksucking - I'll see how much I can include in the 'Outtakes'. Anyway, he's not what you'd call muscular, but he's plenty fit with a great butt and legs and a big fat cock. He's also not much of a talker, kind of shy, lots of one word answers - that is until he cums. It was pretty wild, from a mild mannered, quiet dude, his voice deepened and he really got verbal and loud - it was super hot. Too bad he asked me to leave the room so he wouldn't be embarrassed. Kind of funny, don't you think, after he just sucked a cock for the first time and played with my balls as I shot a load on his leg! Anyway, at least I got to see the video and found that ending super hot. I think you guys will too.

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