Pop-Up Parts: Tex, Ben
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When experience meets exuberance all bets are off. Brendon calls in one of his favorites, the always-sexy never-say-no Ben, to team with a very young guy with a mop of blonde hair named Tex. Ben has the equipment of two men, a long, thick dick and tight body. Tex may not measure up, but he's hard as a rock and sucks on Ben's rod like a kid with a lollipop. Pretty soon Brendon joins the party and a raucous three-way ensues.

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JohnPM (12/21/23):
I would really like to see more of Tex and other smaller dick guys once in a while, not that Tex is that small, he's not. His dick fits his frame just right. Less dick, more concentrated power and TOTAL rock hardness and ultra sensitivity.

mike (12/21/23):
I want to get fucked buy Ben!

Dad, Big Bro, and Little Bro. Well, not really family, but you'll get the idea when you watch. I'm really into brother sex and maybe a young dad. And when you see the interaction between Tex and Ben, you'll see what I mean. Tex is the younger, skater dude with a big mop of blond hair and a long and lean body. Ben is one of my favorites, straight, married, built, handsome and hung. He's not as adventurous as Tex, who has done some Gay4Pay porn. He mainly likes to get sucked off and if it's a guy and he's getting paid it's fine with him. He'll even suck dick, but doesn't get off on it. He's married and gets plenty of pussy. Anyway, watch how 'little bro Tex' follows the lead of 'big bro Ben'. If Ben spit lubes his cock then Tex follows that lead and so on. Then it's my turn, big daddy, to get some lovin' (a blowjob) from Ben who obediently sucks my cock as I order the younger boy to get Ben off with his mouth. So, the scene ends with Tex sucking and jacking Ben to an explosive orgasm as he splatters cum all over his belly. All that hot action takes a half hour. But wait, there's more. Make sure you don't miss Monday's 'Outtakes',it's my biggest yet, over 15 minutes. It includes a long chat with the guys as they lay on the floor stroking their dicks. Ben talks honestly about sucking a dude's cock and his favorite scenes and Tex talks about some of the porn he's done. Then I have Tex attempt to make good on his assertion that he can jack off and shoot six or more shots of cum into his own mouth and swallow it all. See what happens!

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