Pop-Up Parts: Tommy
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It's easy to see that Tommy goes through life looking for a good time, and giving as good as he gets. His smile lights up the studio and his body puts a gleam in Brendon's eye for sure. Tommy's latte colored skin and short ginger hair are a combo we've not seen before. His uncircumcised cock is impressive and though Brendon would love to sample it, today is merely a tease. Watch Tommy stroke out one of the biggest loads we've seen in a long time. Looks like he struck oil with this gusher!

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Sexy (01/19/24):
He’s hot but I thought his name was Jack

Joe (01/18/24):
This guy has to play sports... The way he dresses and the looks of his body screams athletic jock. Just my type

NCTop (01/18/24):
I'd have to say that this is my favorite guy! He's so hot, his body is amazing, he's nervous as hell, and his cock is UNREAL!!! I'd love to get fucked by that beast!!!

tex-boy (01/18/24):
Tommy...what's not to love about this super stud! He's got a killer smile, great personality, beautiful body, big UNCUT cock, and comes like a race horse! This one's a keeper, and we can only hope he comes back for the royal treatment. I loved watching every minute of his scene...fuckin' H-O-T!!!

Breathtaking! That's how I can best describe Tommy. Mixed race, tall, built, hung like a horse and handsome to boot. He talks about sex with his girlfriend, fucking her and getting head. He said nobody ever rimmed him - I told him how great it felt. I was surprised he never did anal with a girl. Anyway, I was so turned on that I did everything I could to get my mouth, even my hands on that body and cock of his. I turned on the camera and talked about a deal. Finally, he said maybe for 1G, $1000.00, but not today, at a future date. Anyway, you can see that conversation on next Monday's 'Outtakes'. I'll have to think about that $1000 offer - though probably not too much-LOL. You can be assured that as soon as he thinks about $1000 in his pocket for sitting back and letting me get him off, he'll be calling me soon enough. When you see this video, he shoots a massive load from his big thick cock all over his torso as well as his chair and he keeps saying "oh shit", "oh no", "damn it", 'cause like lots of straight guys he hates cum getting on his body. He describes it as a "spunk shower" and can't wait to wipe it all up. Well, part of what I'll guarantee him, is that my service includes a full cum clean up...right down my throat. I hope you really enjoy listening to and watching super hot and straight Tommy.

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