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Looking as if a bee has just stung his lips, Trey stares down the camera and it's no contest. Beauty wins every time. Younger than springtime and hotter than Texas, Trey is an open book... and he's a page turner. Brendon starts at chapter one but enjoys every footnote. Trey's smooth-as-glass chest gives Brendon something to nuzzle between attempts to suck that fat cock and lick those balls. Trey takes it all like a man and then gives something in return.

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Greg (01/25/24):
Hot! I diagree with some; I say leave the socks ON! Sooo hot! I love feet too, but sock can be so fuckin hot as well! Keep up the great work!

R (01/25/24):
Bring Trey back

VA Man (01/25/24):
The best. Trey and Geo would be great together!

tex-boy (01/25/24):
Whew...I'm breathless! Trey is sooooo adorable! At 18, he's one hot stud. His deep voice is super sexy, and his green eyes are gorgeous! Please bring him back for more guy/guy action. I can only imagine what he's like when he's pounding some lucky person.

It was like a dream come true when 18yr old Trey walked in my door. I thought it was a young version of hunky star of movies and the HBO series 'Boardwalk Empire', Michael Pitt! A younger version at that, long blond hair, those beautiful 'bee sting' lips, smooth, light complected skin and a slender, toned body. Although his hair is pulled back in this video, you can see the similarities with the photo of the real, younger Michael Pitt below. A little taller than Michael, Trey is 6'2'', he has the same type of build, bubble butt and big thick cock (Trey is cut, Michael is not). They could easily be brothers. So, while I shot the movie, I just suspended reality and made believe I was doing Michael Pitt (who I lust for) and he jacked his hot load into my mouth I nearly passed out from the pleasure - I wonder if Michael Pitt would taste as sweet. I guess I'll never know. I hope you enjoy my fantasy fling with Trey.

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