Pop-Up Parts: Trey, Bennet
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If you were a good little boy and went to Sunday school, you may remember the story of David and Goliath. And if you were a bad little boy you tried to imagine how big Goliath's dick must have been. We're going to re-enact that fable for you today as Trey and Bennet take the parts of their biblical heroes. Trey is the scarily handsome and big heart throb of Brendon's recent past; making an earlier appearance in this series. Bennet makes his debut today and assumes the role of David, the giant killer. However, this scene turns the tables and has 'Goliath' pinning down his smaller, weaker counterpart. Literally pinning him to the chair with his thick, engorged penis, like a butterfly to a piece of paper. Bennet's only complaint is heard in his soft moans of painful pleasure that he whimpers while being fucked silly by Trey. Brendon plays the role of supreme being, directing the action and enjoying the hell out of it. We think you will too.

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Mike (02/01/24):
Please, always get them to remove socks...want to see the feet...thanks!

JohnPM (02/01/24):
Trey is hot for sure but I would really like to see Bennet get the one on one attention from Brendon. 128 members agree with me by my estimate.

R (02/01/24):
Trey is fucking HOT HOT HOT!

I can tell you that it was a tough haul trying to talk straight hottie Trey, the hot Michael Pitt look-alike, into doing this scene. He's inexperienced enough with fucking girls, but fucking a dude - no way! Until I hold him how much I would pay him. All said and done, I'm not so sure he'll do it again or even show his face in my studio again for that matter. He wasn't too happy that I took a bit of advantage of the situation and sucked his dick again - only this time for just about 30 seconds. I couldn't resist after sucking him and tasting his cum the last time His load was quite big and delicious. Anyway, you'll see how he reacted to this when you watch the outtakes. The only guy who got more than he expected and who loved every second of it, was the my new bottom boy Bennet. Bennet who is all gay all the time, took Trey's big fat dick like it was just another day at the office. I think he was just a bit disappointed that Trey didn't pound and jackhammer his hole the way he likes to get fucked, but Trey had never fucked a dude and was obviously being cautious, trying not to hurt him. They appeared to be a bit disgusted with it all - or maybe that's too harsh, disinterested or disengaged would be a better descriptive. You can see how little interest he has when interacting with Bennet - he barely even looks at the guy. And, the guys out there who complain about me talking too much, well sorry, if I hadn't talked that cute 18yr old boy through this, nothing would've happened. Actually, I found Trey's inexperience very sexy and I hope I'll get the opportunity to teach him a lot more as he gets comfortable with the other side of his sexuality...that's if I can ever get him to return!

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