Pop-Up Parts: Willem
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Willem has the blonde hair and blue eyes common to the Dutch, his homeland, but the bulb pushing up through his blue jeans is no tulip. It's his uncircumcised cock looking for some breathing room. The hair on his legs and ass is a carpet of bushy blonde hair obscuring his tight hole even as Brendon's camera probes it's depths. Willem is surprised when the older man reaches down to apply lube to his hard dick, but he allows it. The 23 year old stud strokes his throbbing cock and cums hard, covering his chest in a sticky spray.

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alex (12/14/23):
Sweet boyish face...but ALL MAN from the neck down! Love those hairy legs and that beautiful hairy hole between his legs. PORN STAR....indeed!!

Ken (12/14/23):
This man is hot, hot, hot. Love all the hair and the big uncut cock.

mike (12/14/23):
I keep watching this! in 10 years with a beard this guy will be smoking hot!!!

mike (12/14/23):
beautiful! I love his blond hair around his hole! I would love to fuck him

R (12/14/23):
what a hottie! My kind of guy!

tex-boy (12/14/23):
Willem has the most beautiful eyes...a nice hairy body, an a big uncut dick...my kinda guy!! Hope he comes back for some hot action!

Speaking of anal stimulation - hows that for an opening (pun intended)? Willem is a total hottie, blond hair, blue eyes a nice enough upper body - but that lower body - those hairy thick thighs and bubble butt - yum. What I would've done to get my tongue between those cheeks! I was lucky enough that I got to diddle his cock a bit. I would've gone further with him, but when he walked in the door, off camera, he asked me if this was going to be a gay gig because "I'm not really into that". Of course I denied the whole thing, but next time I won't let him off so easy. Anyway, back to the rear end and anal stimulation. Isn't something how most straight dudes won't let anything penetrate their hole in fear of being considered too gay? They know it feels good, they'll let their girlfriend rim them and you can see with Willem, he had no problem stroking his virgin hole and putting pressure on it when he was ready to cum. However, when I ask him if he had his finger inside, he looked at me as if to say "I'm no fag". Well, we all know know how good it feels and if Willem returns I'll do my best to make sure that he does too!

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