Straight Cock Lab: Deryk
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Even after seducing straight guys for many years, there are some that are just a bit dangerous, rough around the edges who even I can't break. There's also the nice, 'boy next door' types who signal with their eyes and body language "DON'T EVEN TRY!"  But, I found a way to lure even these types by creating a non-threatening, therapeutic atmosphere like at a "sports rehab" or "physical exam". I set up the an adult sex toy testing clinic - welcome to Straight Cock Lab!

Name: Deryk
Location: California
Status: Straight/Girlfriend
Age: 25  Height:  Weight:
Build: Thin  Health: Excellent
Occupation: Ex-Military
Interests: Likes to jack off watching his DVDs or Internet video.
Maturbation: 0-1x week
Intercourse: 2-3x week
Sexual Comfort Level (High 10 to Low 1): 8
Body Image Satisfaction (High 10 to Low 1): 9
Sex Toy Experience: Doesn't use.

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