Seed Money: Dewey & Max
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True bait and switch is the impetus for this scene of blonde ambition. Brendon has lured two cute, young guys to the studio and Max is very straight. Never fooled around with another guy. Dewey, however, gets his kicks from testosterone tumbles. So it's a complete surprise when Max steps up and swallows his pride, along with Dewey's cock, to deliver his first ever blow job. Turn about is fair play and Dewey willingly trades places to give Max the same treatment. Max's huge balls are a turn on. Dewey's defined abs are eye candy. The whole thing is a testament to today's enlightened and enterprising sexual entrepreneurs. Could this be the 'greatest generation'?

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kenxxx33 (10/29/20):
Hot scene, hope to see both back.

Philly Guy (10/29/20):
Need to see Dewey and Cary together. Thanks!

Timmy (10/29/20):
Dewey is hot! I'd love to see more of him.

I just have to tell you all that my knees are getting tired of kneeling on the floor and sucking so much not really...I'm just tired of having to do the camera work and also suck dick, rim hot holes and lick up spunk at the same time. So, my quest for an assistant goes on as one after the other promising candidates don't work out for one reason of the other. So, Dewey is the latest to answer my ad. He's a hottie, nice natural body, big cock, cute butt and adventurous. He loves group sex, can take an 8'' dildo, loves cum eating and all that good stuff. Except he tells me when he cums first - like most guys - he loses his appetite a bit to swallow another dude's voluminous load of hot spunk. Talking about spunk, I saw this hot, homemade video of a 'scally lad", google it if you want details, but basically they're British hooligans known for wearing hoodies and sportswear, smoking, drinking and drugging. This dude claims he gets down and real dirty when it comes to sex, but that's besides the point. However, when he's jacking off and fingering his hole and about to cum, he says "I'm gonna squirt, you fagots better eat my muck". I never heard cum called muck - and it sounded so hot in his British accent ...but I digress. So, back to the boys in my video. I figured I'd put Dewey together with Max. Max is a sex straight boy, blond with pretty blue/green eyes, very cute and a nice cock, but could probably lose a few pounds. I met Max and his girl of two years at a swinger's club. I get into the club with my girlfriend who's a porn star and together we look for something we like to get into - me with dudes of course. Anyway, I met Max at the bar and got talking to him and told him that I make porn. He said he's up for just about anything, but told me not to talk about it when his girlfriend is around as open as she is about sex, she won't go for him doing porn. So, we swapped phone numbers and when Dewey answered my ad, I thought Max is the perfect guy to pair him with. Little did I realize just what a horndog Max was. Now Max told me he's never had male to male sex EVER before! He repeats it in the Outtakes which will be available next week, but he must've had some pent up desire to try it. I thought Dewey would be the aggressor and Max would go along, but Max couldn't wait to get a hold of Dewey's cock, stroke and suck it and eventually eat his load. And, Dewey returns the favor of slurping Max's load. A pretty damn hot duo I know my fans will like. Enjoy!

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