Seed Money: Evereth & Cary
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Explosives go BOOM and when this Latino pistol meets Anglo ass, the fuse is lit. Evereth was in the studio just months ago and thought he'd made a big mistake. He vowed he wouldn't be back. On the other hand, Cary can't get enough straight dick up his sweet little ass. Evereth has black hair and a finger licking body while Cary's butt is a beautiful melon. Brendon can hardly keep the camera steady as Evereth fucks Cary every which way but loose. Jamming that stiff pecker into Cary's ass, Evereth pumps away for all he's worth. One of the hottest scenes we've ever shot... no lie!

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Carl Benz (08/02/20):
Love the natural feel to this scene. Both models are extremely sexy. If pressed id have to say Cary is my pick. The bare action is a added pleasure. Two gorgeous young men having natural bare sex. EXCELLENT

NC-Top (07/30/20):
Hey Mac-n-Steve! My thoughts exactly!!! When I saw the cum pour out of his ass, it spewed from my cock as well! DAMN that was hot!!!

Mac-n-Steve (07/23/20):
FUCKING HOT!!!! Love how Evereth didn't pull out fast enough so you can see the cum pouring out of Cary's ass before he unloads the rest on Cary's back. Then he sticks it back in!!! My weakness!!!

Jay (07/16/20):
What the hell? Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Evereth, you did NOT make a mistake at all. And Cary, goddamn is there any cock you can't take? GJ Brendon.

Thomas Wayne (07/16/20):
This, ladies and gentlemen, is how to get fucked by straight guy. Nice way to turn it out Cary. This is why I joined this site...

This episode featuring the very popular bottom boy Cary and handsome Latino stud Evereth, is one of my all time favorite videos. I define Everth as "straight flexible" as he seems to be the aggressor in this sexual encounter with a hot boy and also enjoys a bit of light (closed mouth) kissing. Cary is cute and built and is a real "power bottom", he's also a bit cocky and knows just how hot he is. As a matter of fact he makes me promise him each time, that the guy I hook him up with will be hot or he'll pretty much walk out of the shoot - and I haven't disappointed him yet. Cary has been fucked pretty damn good by Robbie (he's still in love/lust with sexy blond straight boy Robbie), Cash, Wally, Mario and Mitchell - and now he can notch his belt for Evereth. Now, Evereth gets pretty aggressive and throws Cary a fuck, the likes he has not obviously seen in a while. Evereth fucks him every which way, against the wall, on the couch, doggy, and with no mercy - just the way Cary loves it! Everth cums first, partially in and on Cary's butt and then continues to play with Cary's hole while he grabs the boy's cock and balls as Cary busts a huge nut. Cary was so exhausted after he came, that I thought he'd collapse - and if you're listening to the video, after I throw them some paper towel as they clean up - Cary says to no one in particular "thank god I came into the city today". He was one very satisfied customer and I'm thinking you will be too!

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