Seed Money: Sterling
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Dress this guy in a suit and skinny tie and Sterling could walk onto the set of 'Mad Men' and play Don Draper's brother. His look is pure 60s corporate exec and the secretaries would have been falling over themselves to make his coffee. This blue-eyed hottie claims he's got a big one, but goddam, it's impressive! Brendon knows not to touch this uber-straight stud, but Sterling strokes his massive tool while Brendon watches. It's big, it's fat and the shiny purple head could bore a hole right through you. And wouldn't that be nice? When he gets to the tipping point, he aims for his thigh and spooges all over himself. A Sterling performance.

Comments: 14

f (04/24/16):

ND (11/23/15):
damn this daddy is fuckin fierce. super hot!

Randy (11/16/15):
Feet! ALWAYS show FEET please!

jp (01/27/15):
hot guy.... more please

jon (11/28/14):
i signed up because of this guy - he has got to come back!

Steve (11/25/14): as the sun....but feet, no socks...FEET no socks...FEET no socks...please !

Mike (10/23/14):
The hottest new model since Wyatt. More-More-More

Mike (10/23/14):
The hottest new model since Wyatt. More-More-More!

Mike (10/22/14):
What a hottie. With his classic 1960's look and magnificent package I'm sure that Brendon will have him.....back.:)

Patroon (10/21/14):
Sterling is definitely Like-em-Straight "hall of fame" material. His hot look is genuine vintage '60s "Mad Men" and his cock just doesn't quit. Hey Brendon, get out the "sterling" we've got company coming for dinner! lol. :)

Stew (10/17/14):
Totally hot guy more please!

Robb (10/16/14):
Yes, agreed, anything to get their feet in a shot! Super hot guy. I love when you get their legs in the air and eat their asses. Love these hairier more masculine types you've been featuring as of late. Woof!

Steve (10/15/14):
This guy is soooooo tops of tops of feet...always show tops of feet! Barefoot....please.

moises 45 (10/15/14):
This guy has to return for sucking time. Another Brendon' challenge....We really missed that hot guy by the way

So, I almost didn't do a video with this guy - he was suspicious as soon as he walked in and saw that it was just me, a man and a camera. He put me on notice almost immediately, letting me know that he's not gay and "if this is what this is about - I'm out of here". So, I knew I was I cooked. But, this conservative, regular looking dude was turning me on so much with his straight man stories, that I had to continue with the video. Just listen to him talk about how only a couple of girls could deep throat his huge cock and one in particular who took him right down to the pubes. He also talks about how he masturbates by sitting at the edge of his bed, letting his balls hang over as he watches porn and jacks off a load. He loves to watch a girl really getting fucked hard and tells me he can shoot 4-5 feet when he cums. He doesn't like making a mess, so he puts a towel down to catch all the spooge from his huge cock. Then he tells me a story about gang banging some chick at a party with four of his friends and doing a DP with his buddies, dick to dick, in her pussy, during that session.. Anyway, as you obviously know, after hearing these stories I was so turned on, I just had to see what he had and watch this straight guy jack off a load. Besides, he was totally my type, just a regular, office cubicle working straight man who never had a single sexual thought about another dude in his entire life. As you can see from the photos, his cock is HUGE - it's long and thick as a baby's arm (I actually hate that analogy, but you gotta admit that it gets the point across - LOL). My mouth is still watering from the thought of getting to suck him off at a future date. And, you know who they call when they need quick cash - me - and that's when I have the most leverage with a guy like this. I'm pretty sure I'll be tasting his monster cock, pre-cum and a hot load of his creamy cum --- sooner than he thinks!

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