Seed Money: Wyatt & Chambers
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We're beginning to think that Wyatt, our sexy seaman, has taken up permanent residence in Brendon's studio. The bashful stud has returned for more shenanigans and he looks better than ever. Tall and dark with a military demeanor, he couldn't look more different from the gentleman at his side. Chambers is new to the scene and quite an eyeful, but looks like a throw back to the Haight Ashbury of 40 years ago. Long hair pulled back and a scruffy beard belie his chiseled torso and mouth watering legs. What could these two guys possibly have in common? You'll soon find out. They strip down to their skivvies and then some before Wyatt takes the reins and lubes up Chambers' cock. Wyatt's huge dick throbs as he starts to suck off his hippie friend. Chambers shoots first in this crazy match up and then Brendon moves in to finish off Wyatt. Kinda knew he had that in mind from the start.

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RayRay (10/15/20):
Send Wyatt my way!!! He is perfect, he sexy, he is tell, he is beautiful, he has a killer ass, his cock is amazing, and I need to feel that cock in my ass! I want him to bend me over and fuck me good and hard with his balls slapping up against mine!!!!

patroon6 (10/15/20):
Great having Wyatt back! He's hotter than ever as he continues to push boundaries with oral sex. Next time I hope that you find a more clean cut model for Wyatt to play with. :)

Chuck (10/15/20):
They way Chambers moves and flexes his abs from 13:55-15-15 is so damn sexy. You should have him come in and show them off more!

withasee (10/15/20):
HOT!!! PLEEEEEASE Wyatt with Pierce!!!!!!!

I really can't believe Wyatt contacted me and of course needed money and wanted to do a video. I'll never turn down that big, tall, muscular and hung Navy stud. First, I'll tell you what actually happened after he said he was going back for another stint in the Navy. Wyatt, as some of you may already know is a married man with one kid. So, he tells me that he was going to re-enlist just to get away from his wife. He admits that he was hunting pussy and cheating on her and that she knew and was making his life miserable. So, he just wanted to runaway. But, she created a situation where it became impossible for him to do that and what followed was a fairly messy divorce and we'll leave it at that. Now a free man he's hunting pussy with impunity and as you might guess, for him it's like shooting fish in a barrel - if he wants a girl - he gets that girl - at least once he's able to swat away the other women who swarm him everywhere he goes. I've seen it for myself. We've gone out for a drinks several times and these horny girls jockey around the bar to get close and hit on him. More than once he picked up a girl and fucked her at my request at my place (it cost me of course), so that I could watch. When I didn't have to catch it on camera I really got to sit back and enjoy and he always saved his hot cum for me. Anyway, I told him if he wants to work that I have to up the ante. In his prior 8 videos he was the straight guy who always got serviced by me or another dude - in one video he got serviced by two. I think in his very last video which was me and him, I made him suck my cock - the only time he ever did that in his life. This time he had to do more. I had him jack Chambers and then suck him off. He's not a great cocksucker, but it worked out. Chambers is what I call a hipster. Looking at him in clothes you can see he's cute, scruff but cute, and then he strips and I was amazed to see how cut he was and what beautiful legs he has - he says it's all from rock climbing. His cock isn't huge but it's a nice size. Being straight he was willing to do the mutual handjob thing, but refused to suck cock - no matter how much cash I offered him. You can tell because he kept going limp, but finally ended shooting a pretty nice load. So, please enjoy hunky straight boy Wyatt's return (newly single) and his hook up partner, straight, porn newbie Chambers.

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