Straight Guy Heaven: Bradan
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Looking youthful and cumful, Bradan arrives at the studio a true novice. His green eyes pop as he takes in the lights and cameras. Brendon is very gentle, guiding Bradan through a new experience, but always pushing just a little bit to bring out the most. By the end of this sexy scene, the colt lets the older guy give him a hand job that results in a splattering orgasm.

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X (08/10/23):
Love how he looks like he's from X-Men when he cums, like he's trying to control it with his mind haha

Ken (08/10/23):
Cute and boyish. Hope he comes back.

What a hot little fucker Bradan is! He answered an ad and emailed me his photo, just a regular photo - no nudity. He was wearing a t-shirt and tight jeans with his arm around a girlfriend of his. That's all I needed to see. I was horny to get that boy to my place and watch him strip down. I played that fantasy over and over in my mind until it was actually happening and I wasn't disappointed at all. He comes from a rural part of northern California, so I had to pay him extra for travel and it was worth every cent and more. He's pretty shy, not about his body, but just in general. I got to play around with his hot cock and big set of balls and finally jacked him until he shot a HUGE load. I'm not so sure he'll come back. In the outtakes he was pretty clear that next time I'd have to have a 'cheerleader' type girl for him to fuck. But, I have a feeling he also likes and needs money, so I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if he did return. And, you can be sure this time I will get a real good taste!

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