Straight Guy Heaven: Buster
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Young guns are loaded with live ammo and Buster is cocked to fire. With his blond brush cut hair and steely blue eyes, this stud arrives in the studio aiming to please. Brendon takes the slow approach with straight guys that would bolt if pushed too hard, so Buster sets the pace. You'll be salivating over his fat cock and probably not too surprised when he shoots two huge loads all over himself. Let's get Buster back for a re-match!

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Shiloh77 (08/31/23):
He has a nice thick creamy cum and wish I could have swallowed it up.

David (08/31/23):
What a cutie!

Ken (08/31/23):
Really hot man. Cute as can be. Wish it was more than a solo. Hope he comes back for more action

mike (08/31/23):
nice and thick!! :-)

garthl (08/31/23):
How did you manage to keep your mouth off that schlong and especially those balls??? :-)

Sometimes, even the 'master of straight guy seduction', ME, makes a mistake. And, I think I made one with Buster. Let me tell you, my mouth was watering to feel this hot stud's body, lick his hole, suck his cock and slurp up every list bit of cum. But, I had this gut feeling that he needed some time and going for it right away would be a mistake. He just didn't pick up on any of the hints I dropped when I met him the first time or during the shooting. I'm usually pretty good on who I can go right to town on, and who needs a first session to get used to being in the room with me doing something sexual. Not with Buster. That is until the very end of his session when I brought up doing a shoot with the married couple I shoot 3-somes with, Lizzie and Dean. He was totally up for that - even when I let him know he'd have to have a dude suck him off. Not to worry. He'll be back very soon. I have him set up for the husband and wife shoot and should be able to get it up on the site soon. I think it's so fucking hot watching the hot husband getting off on another hunk fucking his wife. I'd like to be a fly on the wall in that room - oh wait - I actually will be - LOL.

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