Straight Guy Heaven: Dustin
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Dustin breathes new life into the studio. He's dark, handsome, hairy- chested and a total slave to his dick. While talking with Brendon, Dustin reveals that his cock is so thick he has to go slow with the girls. But he likes the feeling of his engorged shaft pushing aside that pussy flesh to find its target. Dustin watches porn and strokes his huge cock and then lets Brendon jack him off. His load is massive too. We hope there's a re-match cause if anyone can deep throat this snake, it's Brendon.

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JamesH (10/12/23):

goatee luver (10/12/23):
handsome and rare.

Ken (10/12/23):
Handsome with great hairy body and super hard large dick. Would love to see Brendon bend over for him and deep throat that monster.

Tex-boy (10/12/23):
What a super stud! Dustin is so hot...great body, beautiful smile, huge dick, monster cum-shot...what's not to like?! Hopefully he'll be back for more!

Damn! If there's one thing I love to do - almost as much as sucking cock, it's jacking off a hot straight dude who has a big cock. I even love jacking off side by side with another dude. I've had this thing for it ever since I was kid and jacked off with my straight buddies. While they got off looking at my dad's Playboys, I got off looking at them. I think some of knew, but didn't really care as long as I kept the supply of magazines coming. Once I convinced them to jack off with me, which wasn't the difficult, I would tell them that I have to take my clothes off. I would tell them if feels better and less chance of getting cum stains on their clothes and I can't think of one of school friends who ever said no. Just by good fortune, the only place to jack was on the bed or hard wooden floor in my bedroom. It wouldn't take much convincing to get my jo pals to sit side by side on the more comfortable bed where I could feel their heat and smell their body and their cum. If I was lucky enough, when they were about to pop off, I would try to move around and lean over them in order to get some splattered on my body and that would trigger me off but good. Anyway, when I saw how cute Dustin was and got a look at his hairy chest, legs, ass and his big thick cock, I knew I had to get a piece of it. He was much to jumpy to get my mouth on it, but I knew I was gonna at least take a shot at jacking it a bit. He was a little uncomfortable with me touching him as you'll see in the video, so I had to make a few attempts and then move off. Fortunately, when I was jacking him toward the end and he tried to replace my hand with his because he said he was about to cum, I just said "go for it", he kind of indicated 'are you sure' and I just kept jacking him until he shot a big load. I felt him pulsating like crazy. It's just such a hot thing - I was I could let all you guys have a chance to try it with a straight dude - but the best I can do is share it with you on video. ENJOY!

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