Straight Guy Heaven: Geo & Brent
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No one's trying to fool you into thinking Brent's straight, and you may even be having second thoughts about the insatiable bottom Geo, but his generation is proving that lots of sex with lots of different people is the only way to go. Brent likes to please guys and nothing pleases Geo more than to get his butt plugged and then slammed like a door. Watch Brent fuck the living daylights out of Geo and then use his own cum for lube. Brendon is the Stephen Spieldick of porn, directing these two guys in an Oscar worthy performance.

Geo, Geo, Geo, I get more requests for this guy than you can imagine. I think it's not only that he gets better and better looking, his body gets hotter and hotter or his nice big cock. I really believe it's because he has no hang ups about sex. He loves sex with girls, he loves sex with guys. He loves threesomes, orgies or jacking off to video. Also, I guess the fact that he's so compliant doesn't hurt his likability. Wouldn't love to 'order him around' like I get to do, or shove a few fingers up his hot, tight butt and suck him off? And he likes sex - no, he really loves sex! It appears that all the guys I hook him up with always love having sex with him. I know I do!

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