Straight Guy Heaven: Gino
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Right out of the gate Brendon hooks up with one of the hottest studs around. Gino is from a long line of electricians, so naturally he wants to 'plug it in' and get this party started. His last girlfriend told him he's got a gorgeous cock and thicker than most. Brendon wants to see what all the fuss is about. In this screen test, Gino strips off his clothes and jerks off to straight porn while Brendon does some heavy breathing. Gino passed the test and look for him to make a call back.

Comments: 5

JimB (07/27/23):
Fucking hot! His cock and ass are amazing!!! I'd love to slurp down that big Gino sausage!!!!!!

Steve (07/20/23):
So handsome...please always show tops of feet..thanks!!

David (07/20/23):
So hot! Love his face, his hairy body and that hard uncut dick.

Ken (07/20/23):
Gino is hot, hot, hot. Love the masculine vibe and uncut cock. Sorry it was only a solo. Hope to see him again.

Tex-boy (07/20/23):
Gino is so hot - what a stud! Hope he comes back for more!

Oh man, is Gino fucking hot or what? Gino is an electrician. He was working in my studio putting in some new lighting about three weeks before this shoot. It was pretty obvious to him what I do in the studio, especially with the lubes, paper towels, etc laying around. Gino was kind of intrigued about the pussy porn I told him I make and I was just about drooling over him. It took me more than two weeks to convince this boy to come in for a screen test and it was worth it. You can pretty much tell that he has never, ever thought about doing something with another dude and he confirms that in my conversation with him. I kind of suggested that I go both ways (I didn't tell him that actually meant oral or anal), but he didn't want to hear about it. He also thinks I take a part of his video and put it in a database from which female porn stars select their partners (wonder where he got that idea:) - and you'll hear him talk about that in the video. He also talks about homemade porn videos he made with his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, he gave them to her for safekeeping and I'll never get to see them. Anyway, I'm going to try my hardest to get this very hot, very straight dude back for a little play time - so stay tuned!

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