Straight Guy Heaven: Lance
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Lance could win a prize at the carnival cause no one would guess his real age. He's 22 but looks a hell of a lot younger. But don't be fooled, cause this young stud has been around the block. He clocks Brendon's bullshit and figures this 'audition' is more like a dirty old man's chance to play with a cute young guy's dick. Bingo! Another teddy bear for this mind reader and meanwhile Brendon's sucking this blonde's dick and taking home the real prize. Youth!

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David (10/19/23):
lol this guy is funny and hot as fuck

Ken (10/19/23):
Goes from cute innocent guy next door into a real leach. Cute hot guy. Hope he comes back for some more casting couch.

Things usually aren't what they seem and in this week's video it goes in both directions. When Lance rang at the studio entrance, I thought he was the kid coming to fix my computer. The only thing missing was the white shirt and pocket protector. When I found out he was here for a "screen test", I immediately asked him for an ID, and sure enough he was 22, not the 16 or 17 old I imagined he was. Come on, that haircut, the t-shirt, that apple pie face. But, once we got down to business, that image was blown. He strips off his clothes, watching some straigth porn and starts telling me about it while I inspect his surprisingly hot body (although we could do without the crop circles around his nips)just muscular enough, a cute bubble butt, nice legs and big cock with a huge set of balls. And he's definitely not as innocent as he looks. He talks about being sucked off by a tranny in an alley and other stuff. Anyway, once I took hold of his big hot cock, he figured out what was going on and that things were not what the first seemed. He's probably not the first, but unlike the others he didn't hesitate to tell me what was on his mind. So, instead of describing the scene, here is some of his dialogue with me: "You like that, you're lucky I'm letting you play with my big dick". "I'm generous with my cock". "I thought this was gonna happen." "Jack it harder - don't be shy". "Play with those balls". "I didn't say I was gonna cum in your mouth". "This will make for a great straight guy video". "Dirty fuck, you want to see my cum?". "That's the premise - the more you pay the straight guy - the gayer he gets?". The best line at the end after all the negotiation and talk "I'm happy to have participated - If you liked the vibe, I'll be happy to come back". And, I'll be happy to have him come back. I couldn't offer him enough money to have him cum in my mouth this time, but you wait and see!

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