Straight Guy Heaven: Mark
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You won't be able to look away from this triple play. Mark is horny 24/7 and seems to be bragging when he tells Brendon he came 13 times in one night of physical debauchery. He's addicted to porn, so Brendon keeps encouraging this stud with a lead pipe for a cock, and you'll see not one, not two, but three cum shots within minutes of each other. With a dick that never goes down, Mark just keeps stroking his fistful of man-meat to deliver the goods time after time.

Comments: 4

JamesH (09/14/23):
Man Of My Dreams & Future Fantasies!! Marks a FUCK'N SEXY BEAST, So Damn HOT!!

ND (09/14/23):
This guy totally drips sex!

Ken (09/14/23):
Very sexy masculine man with great hairy body. WOW what a hunk. I can't believe Brendon didn't get in on the action. I wouldn't mind Mark bending me over a sawhorse.

sunkist (09/14/23):

I have a handful of guys who have multiple cumshots on the site. I'm sure I'd have more, but most of them are in a real hurry to get out of my place once they get off the first time. They have the 'buyer's remorse' after they pop off and get rid of the horniness I build up with the pussy porn and dirty talk. Now Mark, a very sexy, butch straight boy, a total horn dog and exhibitionist was different. He admits to always being horned up and ready to go, and willing to do almost anything when it comes to sex. He proves just what a horny toad he is when after getting off three times in a row, he's still so hard that his underwear is tented to the max! When I was younger, I could get off multiple times in a day - maybe even twice in a row. These days - not so much - LOL. How about you? What's your max? I love talking about jacking and spooge. Please leave your hot and nasty comments. I do read them.

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