Straight Guy Heaven: Omega
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Omega has one of the sexiest bodies we've seen in awhile. Brown satin skin stretched tight over a slim, muscular frame makes Brendon salivate. Plump sweet ass cheeks and gorgeous legs are the result of running his dog to the beach every day. Omega gives a green light to almost anything sexually, saying that we're born naked so make the most of it. His cock stands up to a serious assault by Brendon, refusing to surrender until the cum spills out in torrents.

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Steve22 (09/28/23):
Hot! Wow Omega is beautiful! You are so lucky to get to suck his cock! I'd love to taste it! Fucking hot man!

I've had my bad experiences seducing straight guys, a few too many. I once got caught in an elevator in a sleazy Las Vegas hotel with a big, muscular straight boy who I had propositioned in a hotel bar. It was like something from a bad movie. It was him and me, I saw his fists tightening up and he was so fucking strong he pushed me against the elevator wall with one hand. My mind was speeding up and I was thinking he was going to push the stop button and beat the hell out of me...or worse. It turns out he just roughed me up and bit and told me if I ever get near him again he'd finish what he started. Another time, I was filming a guy in a hotel room in New York City and grabbed for his cock to lube it up - he was a real beauty, a 12 out of 10 on the Brendon Marley hotness scale - he stopped, got up, dressed, took my briefcase, opened it up and retrieved all his paperwork and ripped it into pieces. He made me give him the tape and he walked out. I think he would've beat my head in if I put up any objection. Thankfully, these instances are few and far between. The worst it usually gets is that the guy walks out or just says "NO". Some go pretty smoothly, especially when I offer enough money. Then you get a guy like Omega, a real cutie who loves pussy and when you watch his video - especially the outtakes, you'll hear him talk about his girlfriend and how much she loves to go down on him, how wet she gets just thinking about him, etc. And, if you watch about five minutes into the outtakes, you'll see me make the initial approach - I go to lube his cock and he didn't object, so I knew he was up for it. Towards the end of the outtakes I ask him what are some of the kinkiest things he's ever done, and this dude likes kink, he gives me some instances and quickly breezes by "had played around with guys". He's hot, straight, loves pussy, but loves sex so much that he can get off with a dude. If only they were all like that!

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