Straight Guy Heaven: Parker & Geo
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Brendon plays matchmaker in this sexy, late summer scene. Geo is always ready to get down and his lean frame is tanned and hardened by construction work. Parker is the pampered social scion from the peninsula who comes to Brendon's studio to work against his good looks. He digs the blow job from Geo but balks at anything more gender bending. Happy to oblige and horny as a hound dog, Geo sucks the bejesus out of him. Step out of the way cause Parker blows a big one!

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alex (07/27/23):
Parker has the most perfect set of gonads I've ever seen! Those balls need to be licked and sucked and worshipped!

Ken (07/27/23):
Geo keeps getting hotter as he ages. Jasper is certainly handsome but isn't very sexy in video work.

Vncnt (07/27/23):
Jasper: I get what your saying re: Parker but ... he is stunningly attractive here. (Much more so than in previous videos, for some reason.) I like the moment too (35 seconds in) when they are asked "what about a blow-job, did anyone come here for a blow-job?" and he sheepishly raises his hand. I'd love to suck it for him.

Jasper (07/27/23):
I LOVE Geo, but Parker and his lack of participation really makes me limp :(

How many of you guys are cum addicts like myself? Oh come on, I know there are lots of you out there. Well, if you share my taste for spooge, spunk, or whatever you want to call it, do you have a list of your favorite big shooters on my site? I do, and as you know I've tasted most of them. I bring this up today because Parker may not be the most prolific of spunksters, but he might poke your eye out when he does pop off. And I've tasted him before and it's as sweet as he is cute. Now talking about dudes who can produce a gallon of jerk juice, Geo is amazing. Just watch some of his videos. He not only pops like a geyser, but the quantity is unbelievable and delicious as you can tell from the videos where you see me slurping up mouthful after mouthful of his cream. One of things that turns me on the most is watching straight guys fuck a girl after their buddy just filled her up with their load. I've watched some group scenes where you can tell which straight guy waits for the girl to be filled up by a few other hot guys before he dives in and gets off almost instantly from the feeling of all that slick man spooge. I also love to watch straight guys unload into a girls mouth and then watch her spit back in his. I just watched a video where a big, muscular straight boy gets done by girl with a strap on. He's laying on his back and spooges into his own mouth. That's one of the reasons I added the bi moves to Anyway, I'm in the studio waiting for a hunky straight dude who I met at a bowling alley bar last weekend and now I'm totally horned up from thinking about these spunk scenarios. This dude is really in for a workout now - LOL!

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