Straight Guy Heaven: Randy
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This stunner has chiseled features right out of a Hollywood movie. You'll remember him from a previous visit, but it's always good to be reminded when the guy is this sexy. Randy knows he's gonna get a good blow job, but when Brendon starts to play with his ass, you'll see a whole new side of this beefcake. The Pacific rim never looked so good!

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f (08/03/23):

Dennis (08/03/23):
BEST ball-sucking video on this site with great closeups...more like this Brendan!

Ken (08/03/23):
Randy is really a hot, hot masculine man.

LJonny (08/03/23):
For a guy who didn't want any ass-play, hunky Randy asked for as when he was ready to cum Hot damn!

DexterCorsonXXX (08/03/23):
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! HES DEFINTELY BI... .... next time please get your dick inside him

Woof (08/03/23):
This boy needs and wants ANOTHER tongue fucking soon.. SUPER HOT VIDEO

Randy's back for his third visit after a two year hiatus. He's one hot dude, now ex-military, who I thought I'd never see again. When he did his prior video in 2010, he told me afterwards that this just wasn't his thing. If I wanted him to do another video, he'd only do it if there was girl in the room for him to fool around with. So, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when he called me from out of the blue asking if I had some work for him. His life had gotten a bit out of control since he left the service and he was trying to put it back on track and needed some cash. I was delighted to have him back, and more so when I saw that he was fitter than even his prior visit. My mouth watered at the thought of playing with his big cock and stroking his hot body. This time I told him he had to really put out, and let me do what I want. And he did. When I went down on his hole, he lifted his legs for better access and I really got my tongue deep inside. He really like it and when he was ready to shoot, he made sure my mouth was there to receive his hot spooge. I hope he comes back again, maybe then I'll get him to experiment with one of my toys!

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