Straight Guy Heaven: Stu
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This scene will surprise you because Stu seems like a meat and potatoes kind of guy. ''Just the facts ma'am'' as they used to say. Handsome in a Jon Hamm kind of way, this heartbreaker knows his charms and uses them all the time. But before this session ends Stu is probing his own gorgeous ass with one of Brendon's many sex toys. With his legs up in the air, Stu shoves the huge dildo up his butt till his cock can't take it. The cum flies in this intimate peek into a straight guy's fantasy world.

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Teddy (08/24/23):
He reminds me of Jimmy Fallon! Hot damn!

Ken (08/24/23):
Stu is a very hot masculine guy. He has great nipples. Wish he didn't shave his pubes. Hope to see him back.

Chris (08/24/23):
This guy is super hot.

I know a few things about straight guys. I've been screwing around with them since I was a kid and jacked off my straight buddy during a sleepover at his house. He's married with his own kids these days - and no, I haven't fooled around with him since. I bring this up, because Stu, like most straight guys has a wild side, they all have something they would like to try or that they have tried. How many straight dudes do you think have tried to suck their own cock? I think it would be about the same number who masturbates. Well, the male body as we all know has many erogenous zones which give the same pleasure to a straight man as it does a gay man. And, under the right circumstances, a straight guy will let his partner of the moment in on his little secret. Now, the majority of straight guys do not let their wives or girlfriends in on these secrets - maybe they only really enjoy getting off with a blow job. Maybe they like their nipples sucked or pinched or maybe they even like to get their assholes licked or fingered or even fucked! What I've found, is that when I bring these things up with a straight boy, or even just start playing with their taint, their response is almost always positive. I think they are comfortable because they know I am comfortable with this sort of thing. I have to feel it out with these guys. I've had guys go nuts on me and pull their pants up and hightail it out of the studio. Others like Stu surprise me. You'll notice that he's very cut and dry, isn't a "wild" type of guy, but when I ask him to play with his ass, he has no problem with it - and when I ask him about toys, he's enthusiastic. He even tries to shove a big dildo in his butt. When I give him one that's the right size, he just goes to town on himself; he's now hot, horny and ready to go. That's my cue to get in there and join him. So, if you're ever with a horny straight guy, you may make it your lucky day if you casually let him know you're into guys and if that goes ok, ask him if he'd like some expert relief.

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