Straight Guy Heaven: Troy & Geo
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Brendon loves to play Svengali by grooming young talent. We've seen both Troy and Geo before, many times. But Brendon never tires of Geo's hungry ass and Troy's thick cock. Geo is kind of Brendon's 'fantasy self', spreading his legs for one after another of the city's sexiest straight boys, taking big cocks up his bottomless butt and never crying uncle. Troy pounds away at the sweet slick hole, grinding his dick up the horny highway till he explodes on Geo's balls. Then watch as he pushes that thick jizz back into Geo's hole, planting the seeds for future generations.

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SlimJim (09/21/23):
Fucking hot! Love when he cums on Geo's hole and then finger fucks his cum back inside Geo! More please!!!

Ken (09/21/23):
What a great pairing. Cute, cute, cute. I can't believe Geo gets better looking every video.

Can you imagine, Troy started on the site as a porn newbie? He was a nude art class model and now after five videos I've turned him into a total porn sex slut. And what about Geo, this is his 16th appearance on! I've fucked Geo and he's fucked me and he's been fucked, fisted, dildoed and diddled - it seems endlessly. At first, a straight curious boy, now anything that fills his hole is what he likes and he loves taking orders. He loves girls with a strapon, guys with a big tool, fingers, toys, tongues... But, he really doesn't like sucking dick. Now Troy is a bit the opposite, nothing in his bhole, but he does like to suck cock and sure doesn't mind pumping his pud into a dude. He had no problem dumping his load on Geo's balls and then shoving the puddle of cream into Geo's hole with his fingers. I think I've created two sex crazed boys - and when I put them together for the first time in this video, I was not disappointed. I hope you agree.

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