Straight Guy Heaven: Wyatt
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Like a lucky penny, Wyatt turns up when least expected. He's always one of Brendon's favorite guys cause every time Wyatt's cock responds to Brendon's mouth, getting thicker and fatter while he moans with pleasure. After so many encounters Brendon needs to up the ante, so a reluctant Wyatt sucks the director's dick! It's obvious that he's not all that into it, but he goes along cause he's just such a good guy. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Roll over and play sexy!

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ND (10/05/23):
Love Wyatt's hairy pits! Bet they smell so good...

TightHolePHL (10/05/23):
I want to see Wyatt fuck Geo bare... Would love to see that big cock cum all over his ass.

Ken (10/05/23):
Wyatt is one of my all time favorite models. He exudes this intense masculine vibe while at the same time is laid back. I wish Brendon would get him talking about what he is doing now and what he plans for he future. I would love to see him in his navy uniform.

Tex-boy (10/05/23):
I never get tired of watching Wyatt. No matter what he's doing, it's all awesome! Please bring him back for another round...would love to see get crazy with Geo. Mmmm!!

chill (10/05/23):
noticed wyatt making horny looks...

Who woulda guessed, Wyatt returns once again. He called to tell me that his re-enlistment plans were put on hold for a while and that he needed money. I took the opportunity to tell him that since he's been on the site a number of times and I can't have him doing the same thing over and over again. I said he'd have to let me push him further. He never asked what "further meant" - I think he knew in his own mind - but was more interested in how much I'd pay him. To tell you the truth, I'd have Wyatt back as often as he liked and I'd be happy just going down on him, feeling him up and every once in a while swallowing his load. Wyatt is a typical straight guy, really unaware of how hot he is, or why any dude would want to fool around with him. The excitement with a straight guy like Wyatt, who is only interested in pussy, is that it's like having sex with virgin over and over again. And this time, not only do I get to give him head... he goes down on me! He obviously doesn't like it at all and can't grab his soda fast enough to wash the taboo out of his mouth. He freaked a bit when I spooged on him, but he was warned. Next time I may just have him bang me like one of his many one night girlfriends!

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