Straight Guy Heaven: Zito
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Some guys like to talk through their nerves and in Zito's case that is just the ticket for a sexy scene. With a bit of experience under his belt with the ladies, Zito still has the hard body of a much younger guy. Listen to the play by play as Zito describes the action he's watching on Brendon's video player. Watching the porn, stroking his dick and feeling the warm studio lights on his naked body turn him on. He shoots a nice load and relaxes for the first time in a couple of days.

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Ken (09/07/23):
Very sexy man for sure. Hope he comes back to tell us more stories of his exploits.

Glenn Fiddich (09/07/23):
Your guys are so fucking hot...but you're definitely not a full body filmer...I wish you'd show more of all of their bodies, especially legs and I love hot thighs and calves and you're so totally cock orientated...please don't take this as a critique as much as a suggestion....Zito is fantastic and I'd love to see him with his fur...I'll bet he has a super bush....

JoshPM (09/07/23):
Hot and he knows it, but in a sexy way. I think he turns himself on too. I want to see him all kinds of ways. I hope he comes back like he said he would. Wow. Thanks Brendon.

So, here's what you don't know about Zito yet - that's until you watch the Outtakes. What you do know is that he's very cute and has a fucking fantastic body. You can also see how confident he is in his own skin. He's a world traveler and given his physical attributes has fucked his away to the far corners of the planet including Thailand and Viet Nam just to name a few. In these exotic places he gets hit on by locals, girls on vacation, women traveling for business, etc. We all know gay men like that, sex just comes whenever and wherever they want it. Oh well, maybe in my next life - LOL. Right now he goes to school part time and holds two jobs. In the Outtakes we talk about how he feels about doing this video as well as his prior career as a DJ at a dance/strip club in Portland for eight years... and who doesn't want to fuck a hot DJ. And by Zito's account he fucked as many patrons, waitresses and bartenders as he sore dick would allow. Well, imagine him in a tank top or shirtless in the DJ booth, it's not hard to believe that every word of it is true. With all that action, he still says he masturbates at least once a day! Well, at least we get to see him in the buff, jacking his cock and shooting his load all over his hard, flat belly. Sexy boy!

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