Straight Sperm Donors p3: Group Sex
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All three guys are stroking their cocks as they watch T.J. play with her pussy across the room. Brendon is on his knees in front of all three guys waiting to take each of their loads into his mouth. Ben is first with a low sexy moan, he stands up from the couch and shoots a huge load into the air that lands heavy onto Brendon's face - one, two, three shots of hot cum shoot into the air. This is repeated until Brendon gets every drop of salty jizz in the room.

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Musk (01/12/23):
We do need more videos like this one!!!

mrsaxon (04/29/17):
IMHO, the hottest part of this video is when Brendon sucks off the horny young camera man.Anyone know where I can find it? My old VHS died

Alex (11/15/11):
Ben English...yummy!

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