Straight Up: Ben
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With a square jaw and focused gaze, Ben is going places. This handsome, lean young man hails from the country-side, but he has some city ways that need to be explored. Brendon loves the rusty, red hair that covers his chest like a pelt. A bushy patch of pubic hair grows at the base of Ben`s gorgeous hunky dick. He`s all about getting pleasure and Brendon knows how to give it. Watch Ben squirm, thrash and ultimately feed the beast. He`s never had a blow job like this!

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R (02/11/18):
Thick bush is sexy

alex (02/10/18):
I agree with everyone. This guy is a star! His intense facial expressions, moaning and leg spasms made me cum! HOT!!

R (02/07/18):
Ben call me :-)

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