Stretched: Max
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Max continues to dazzle Brendon as he auto-eroticizes himself. Never one to leave a job unfinished, Brendon returns to suck this boy's sweet cock. Max's nuts pull up in thier sack and prepare to spill their seed. Brendon can't keep his hands and mouth off of Max's body. He kisses the guy's back and thighs, strokes his flaxen hair and then feasts on the youthful meat once again. Max is mesmerized by the older man's facility to eat cock.

Comments: 5

nycahmet (09/20/18):
This guy is perfect in every way. I am jealous.

alex (04/12/18):
Damn! Just can't get enough of this guy! What a huge load! That's more than enough for triplets or quadruplets!!

alex (02/16/18):
Nice solo! Very hot guy. Now how about getting man handled a bit? Spread those beautiful hairy pillars and reveal your hairy holy hole! Mmm mmm mmm! 100% man and he knows it!!

alex (02/10/18):
Ooo la la! This guy is 100% man! And that huge load WOW!! He's worth ten membership fees!! Thanks for finding this treasure!

ND (12/10/15):
damn he's a sexy hairy beast!

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