Take A Load Off: Cooper & Wyatt
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We're pairing the always horny Wyatt with a new recruit today. Cooper is slim, inked and game for a two way, man on man scene. Wyatt is the shy, former Navy man who Brendon is so enamored with that Wyatt is on the permanent guest list. Because he's gorgeous and his cock always performs. He's shy until the camera goes on and his dick gets hard. Cooper has to jam that muthafucker down his throat, but he goes for it. Who wouldn't? These guys follow Brendon's directions until Wyatt lets go of his load. Nice job Coop.

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Ken (06/25/12):
Very hot video with 2 sexy men. Would have loved to see Watt in his Navy whites. What a hunk he is with this quiet masculinity and handsome face. His body is a killer too.

Den Mother (06/07/12):
Wyatt's best coming yet. More of him. I'd like to see him curl his toes.

Seth (03/18/12):
God, this guy is beautiful!!

Booker (03/15/12):
Wyatt is so handsome and sexy. Keep him coming!

Mke (03/11/12):
Wyatt is so handsome and sexy! Love them tall and handsome and hung!

Steve (03/03/12):
Socks off...show feet....great video otherwise!!!!

ray (03/01/12):
thanks for bringing WYATT back!!!he's one f.....g HOT guy!

Ron (03/01/12):
Keep Wyatt coming back.... He's one sexy MF.... WOOF!!

I've doing the straight guy thing since 1996 and actually for a few years before I went online. So, I've decided that it might be time to start looking for an assistant. After all, sucking all that straight cock takes a toll on a man. This week I'm testing Cooper. He's a little rough around the edges, but loves anything that has to do with cock, especially straight ones. So sit back and enjoy and let me know what you think.

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