Take A Load Off: Wyatt, Clark, & Lucas
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Now that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is history, you can ask, cause we're definitely gonna tell. These three ex servicemen have all been in Brendon's studio before, but never like this. Wyatt is the rock of Gibraltar guy you'd want in any situation, especially this one. Clark is the lanky cowboy who definitely went below decks on his Navy ship, and Lucas, well we'll let you find out for yourself just what kind of guy Lucas is. This three way has more meat than a subway sandwich.

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moises45 (10/03/14):
Really HOT video....I cann't describe who better.....great TRIO one loading better than another one

Lakeside (12/14/13):
An incredible TRIO to REMEMBER! Two of my favorites (with a good deal in common, but completely different looks) actual suck cock! Fantastic.

Ryan (06/21/12):
That's some nice chest hair and trail. Love the cum on the hair.

janswan (06/07/12):
Lucas likes Wyatt all right. Can't wait to see Wyatt continue to make progress.

Ken (06/01/12):
WOW. These guys are great together.

Nam1 (05/30/12):
Is that Lucas? Man, he looks COMPLETELY different!!! Still can shoot loads though, and man is he smitten with Wyatt...but who wouldn't?:) luv the reactions of Wyatt, the hottest thing...

Gulity pleasures were had this week. I tell you about that in a bit. So, this week's video features three straight guys, one former Marine and two Navy dudes and it was hot. I didn't have to do much directing - just watched and wondered to myself why I was behind the camera and not on my knees with the three studs. When I get some of the straight dudes like Clark and Lucas into a little cock play in my videos, they realize there's more to their sexual nature than strict hetero desires. On the other hand there are guys like Wyatt who I can't budge other than having him sit still for a blowjob from another dude - or in this case, two. Wyatt is such a fucking hot, straight 'mans man' that the other two don't give a fuck that he won't reciprocate. Lucas is so turned on by his Navy buddy Wyatt that he can't keep his hands off him. Lucas gets so turned on that when he finally cums he shoots a giant load from his belly button to his neck! He was soaked. I laughingly suggested that Wyatt lick it off - but Wyatt didn't see the humor in that. Now here's my guilty pleasure - the guilt is from the fact that I didn't capture this on camera. A couple of minutes later it dawned on me - their spooge was still hot from the spigot - so I started with Lucas and cleaned his chest with my tongue and swallowed every last drop - then Wyatt and Clark as I jacked off and shot my own load.

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