The Master of Johnsons:Mitchell/Brent
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Two of Brendon's favorites are in the studio together for an all meat sandwich. Brent has cropped his unruly hair to a macho length but his cock is still one of the biggest around. Mitchell's got the horny bug cause he's in the studio these days almost as often as Brendon. Before this session ends, Mitchell has two dudes chowing down on that beautiful un-cut dick.

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Blue (10/17/19):
Hey Webmaster, I have seen that one but Brendon did not eat all the cum. There were 2 different cum shots and i don't think he ate any of the cum from the first one. When Brent cums we should see the cum for the first shot but then Brendon eats it all after the first shot with Brent's legs wide open and Brendon deep throating Brent. Also it would be good now that Brent has cut his hair. It would be soooo hot. Can we make that happen?

Webmaster (10/17/19):
Blue, check out Blast Off: Brent & Brendon - it's exactly what you're looking for. In the end, Brendon finger fucks Brent with two fingers as that young hottie jacks his big thick cock and shoots a HUGE load which Brendon slurps right up. I always ask him to save some for me, but he never does :-(.

Blue (10/17/19):
Love the fact that Brent cut his hair. Still want to see the scene with Brent and Brendon together. Want Brendon to deepthroat the hell out of Brent sitting on the chair with his legs wide open. Then Brent cum and Brendon eat all that thick white cum. Have been waiting to just see those 2 just in a scene together again, and now that Brent has cut his hair will make it amazing. Let's make this happen Brendon.

Tae (10/17/19):
I would love to play with Brent I think that a mouth is a mouth with him and a nut is a nut.

hornyoldman (10/17/19):
I'd like to see Mitchell take it up the butt!

Brent finally showed up to do another video. I'm not sure if he'll still work as my assistant. He's lost a few pounds of body weight and hair! Although, he still sports one of the biggest and most beautiful cocks I've ever had the pleasure to suck. I really thought that Brent would never cut his hair - and I wish he didn't. Although, I guess I would've liked it better if he left some volume in it and it didn't look so fucking 'gay'. But, Brent living the alternative lifestyle, never does anything too 'mainstream'. Mitchell is back looking as hot as ever, but although he was willing to swap handjobs and do some frot or mutual dick rubbing with Brent, he pretty much refused or couldn't get into it. It's not always easy for this straight guys to absorb what they're doing, so they stay aloof. He kept his eyes on the pussy porn video playing on the studio monitor. This seemed to take Brent off his game, so he was pretty laid back about it all. Anyway, for me it was still super hot watching straight boy Mitchell get felt up, rimmed and sucked off by another, younger dude with a cock bigger than even his. I was so turned on, I changed my mind on how this video was going to end. Usually I would let Brent take the dude's cum in his mouth and then spit in on his own cock and jack off with it. Instead, I left the camera running, jumped in and finished off both guys and swallowed two loads of cum!

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