The Master of Johnsons: Mitchell/Taylor
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Though Taylor used the 'straight card' to get in the door, it's pretty obvious he plays for the other team. He didn't fool Brendon, and he won't fool you, but Mitchell is probably too nervous to notice. Mitchell is the tall gorgeous hunk recently discovered by Brendon: the Master of Johnsons. This scene really does further the science of human sexuality by testing a straight man's erection when paired with another dude. It's fairly clear that stimulation in any form does a body good.

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Ray (08/19/14):
C'mon Brendon! Mitchell deserved a more appropriate scene partner. I'm sure Taylor is a nice young man but he looks like my Aunt Hilda.

Well, Brent didn't show up for his shoot with Mitchell last week which was unfortunate as I wanted to make it a super hot experience and see how far I could get Mitchell into gay sex. Mitchell is currently out of work, so he's relying on my 'kindness' to get him through with these porn shoots. He is willing to try just about anything, so that he can keep on shooting with me. Anyway, I had to quickly find someone else to pair him up with at the last minute. A buddy of mine sent me this blond boy at the last minute. He claimed he was straight/bi, but I know he just wanted the money - there's no fooling anyone here about his sexuality. Anyway, I think he was so intimidated being with a hottie like Mitchell plus being on camera, that it was like pulling teeth trying to get him to do anything right - or at least the way I wanted it done. And, he had zero natural inclination to really go for it. Well, live and learn. I probably should've just handled it myself. The good news is that Brent showed up today for another scheduled shoot with Mitchell. We're out to lunch right now and I'm typing this on my phone and getting ready to send it to my webmaster. In the next week or so, you'll see Mitchell return with Brent and it should be very hot. I can't tell you for sure, because we're going back to the studio after lunch to shoot it. During I've been talking pussy and sex and cock and cum in a sleazy scene I shot and showing them the photos and clips on my IPad to get them horned up for the video. I can't wait! I hope you guys have a great and safe and sex filled holiday week!

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