The Skin Game: Bo
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There's mystery in this scene, but it is solved in the most tender and sexy way. Bo describes his fantasy shower scene, which would sound gay if Bo weren't such a hot specimen. Gym-built, inked and horny, Bo has Brendon wondering if this stud prefers men. And if he does, damn straight! When Brendon takes his growing cock into his mouth, Bo leans back to enjoy. We've seen it a million times before, but what comes next is the beautiful beating heart at the center of this story. Bo wants to connect in a more intimate way. Round one goes to Bo!

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kevin (04/09/20):
I have watched this video over and over. So freakin hot. Love Bo's scruffy, preppy look. Def my type. I hope he comes back. His baseball cap and hairy legs make me bone up instantly.

GayWolf (04/09/20):
Bloody brilliant. Fantasy scene would be he and Pierce taking turns to fuck each other. Great video, well done.

richiniowa (04/09/20):
Fuck Fuck Fuck! Seriously one of the hottest sexiest (and affectionate) guys ever posted here - really sorry this was a one-time thing

Patrick (04/09/20):
Bo is amazing! Bring him back....again and again....please! And it's obvious he wants to get fucked. Pair him up with another hot guy and let's see him get it good and hard!!!

Lee (04/09/20):
Now that was FABULOUS!!!! Thank you!

Bo's Masters & Johnson meter definitely pushed closer to the gay side. But, he did promise me he'd fuck a girl at his place and let me watch and then let me eat his cum from her snatch - I think that would be really hot. To reiterate, I met Bo at a 'rock climbing' party at which I didn't not get too far off the ground. And, after I spotted Bo, one of the instructors, I was mostly focused on the rock hard dick in my pants. Bo is a total jock, handsome and built with a nice fat cock. I struck up a conversation with him and asked him if he ever modeled, then I upped the ante and brought up nude modeling and the next thing you know he was in my studio. Now during the conversation at the party he told me he wasn't exclusively straight, that he also had three ways and sometimes one on one sex with guys. When I ask him about his fantasy, he starts telling me about an after the gym, shower workout with some anonymous hot dude, was that for my benefit or does he lean more toward guys, I wondered. I don't know really know, but we certainly got into it. He didn't hold back as you'll see. There's finger fucking, kissing, a hot blow job, etc. He was up for anything it seems and I'm always up for anything especially with a hot boy like Bo. So, take a look at the movie and you come to your own conclusion. After I watch him fuck a girl as he promised, I'm going to set him up with some pussy, maybe a married couple or boyfriend and girlfriend - Some of you guys might not get that, but I think it's so hot to watch a straight guy fuck a girl, but there are so many things that get me off about that - like watching the straight husband see another dude fucking his wife or girlfriend. If you watch some of my older movies there are several where I get to live out that fantasy. As with my hopes for Bo's private event, I like sucking the straight boy's cum right out of her snatch and then cleaning off his cock with my mouth. Maybe it's the voyeur in me. Let me know what you guys think. Have a great 4th of July and stay safe!

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