The Skin Game: Lucienne
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When you've shot up to 6 feet 6 inches at 20 years old, you gain some respect. And when your hair is shoulder length and beautiful, you certainly get Brendon's respect... and attention! With a short dark beard and those flowing locks, Lucienne could play the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar, but today his part is based on a darker character; the desires of mere mortals. Brendon welcomes the young hipster into his world. One where pleasure trumps benevolence and desires are satisfied. It's a lot more fun.

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Ken (11/08/14):
Like hairy pubes too. Wish Brendon stand next to him so we could see what 6-6 looks like.

Donnie (06/19/14):
People of all sexual types appear to not enjoy pubic hair sadly.

Site Admin Hans (06/19/14):
We all wish they would! Straight guys are always 3-5 years behind every trend we gay men start.

CalRegularGuy (06/18/14):
I really wish men would stop shaving body hair, especially their pubes.

Lucienne, another great straight boy find. He's living in the area for college and stayed this summer just to fuck around in town. He lives with roommates, but rent here is really high, so all he could afford was a small corner in their apartment closed off by a curtain - not a great situation for bringing home some pussy for sex while everyone is the living room watching some Netflix comedy. Anyway, Lucienne (listen to his name pronounced at, is what I call a "specialty piece", because there are some guys that are outside the norm, but have certain qualities for me that just get me going, and Lucienne is one of those. He's super tall at 6'6" (and no, I didn't ask him "how's the air up there" or "play much basketball" - LOL), yet his body is toned and sexy unlike some of these guys who are all skin and bones with little muscle tone. He's also cute and his long hair, which you don't see that much of these days, just gets me going. His cock is long like him and beautifully shaped. I wish he would've let me sucked it this time, but to tell you the truth I had a little problem with him. He was pretty easy going during the 'lube test, but he tightened up a bit when I started jacking him. I can sense these things right away. And, you'll see at one point there's a cut in the video because he smacked my hand away and said I'd rather be doing this myself. I kept the camera rolling and basically told him it was no big deal, but to make it better for him I'd add a very decent cash bonus. It didn't take long to convince him that it was just the 'porn biz' and of course money always talks, but he noticed the camera running and told me the deal is off if I put any of the confrontation in. In order not to have him walk out, which I didn't want to happen as I was so turned on I physically/emotionally needed to get him off and have his hot cum squirt on my hand and look at him while he was having the orgasm, that I agreed to write out a short statement saying that I wouldn't include it. Nor, could I take a chance of leaving the camera run after the video was done. I'm really sorry, but I wasn't losing this hottie for a few minutes of video. Maybe if I can get him to come back and loosen him up with lots of cash he'll eventually let me release it. I'm not counting on a second chance with this straight boy. Anyway, I was so horny after the session with Lucienne that I dropped by one of the straight guys I've shot for the site before and he let me suck his cock, eat his ass and swallow his straight boy load. This was not a cheap day - but I loved every minute of it! Check out Lucienne and see if he's your 'Specialty Piece" too!

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