New Video: The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Ajay & Jacob

Ajay, the horniest husband in California, dropped the wife off at work, took the kids to school and beat tracks down to Brendon's studio today where he knows he'll get his bone polished. And who's the lucky guy? It's tall and lanky, dark- haired Jacob from our Crotch Watch series last year. He got royally fucked by Geo in that scorcher, and now he's hungry for Ajay's thick pussy-plowing dick. Jacob has a pair of luscious red lips that Brendon wants to see locked onto this straight guy's cock. No problem. From there, it's 3-2-1 blast off to a bareback fuck scene that leaves them both drained.

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<p>There's nothing old-school about this ginger haired 19 year old. Tristan recently graduated from high school and he comes out of the gate raring to go. College can come later, career plans?... on hold. Right now he's got a hard-on for the world. His freckles are the frosting on the cake of his adorable face and when Brendon pulls his cock from his shorts... boing! This kid's hard candy. His ass is the stuff of dreams; smooth, firm, tight and with a splash of tight little curls around his hole. He doesn't even know how cute he is. Brendon gets a grip on that dick and before Tristan knows what hit him, he's shooting his load for the director.</p>
Release Date: 09/21/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Tristan Featuring: Tristan, Brendon Marley
<p>If you went to college, chances are there was a fraternity on campus. You may have belonged to it, or maybe just lusted after the guys who lived in it. They were notorious partiers, beer drinkers, and studs. Randy is right out of your fraternity fantasy. Good looking in an all-American way, built tough, like a Ford truck, and looking for a good time. College taught him a lot of things, and today Brendon is going to test his knowledge, if not his parameters. You'll remember Randy from a couple of months ago. Seeking adventure he wandered into the studio, sniffing tail. He jerked off for the camera in what he thought was an audition. Brendon just couldn't line up a date. Damn! Hoping for a different result today, Randy came back. It's a different result alright, but not the one he hoped for. Watching pussy porn makes his dick goes up, and after some nervous chatter, the director goes down! Randy's look tells you he'd rather be somewhere else, with someone else. But the final grade is an A when the dude spills the beans into Brendon's waiting mouth. Collect your diploma, dude!</p>
Release Date: 09/14/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Randy Featuring: Brendon Marley, Randy
<p>We love the come back kid. We can't count the number of straight guys who have returned to Brendon's studio even when they know there won't be a chick to fi-lay. Dylan showed up some time ago in the California Hardwood series, and he's back to chill and leave a load. With green eyes, the hairiest asshole in town, and a nice big dick, he lets Brendon jack him off, but he still won't let another guy suck him. His cock gets super hard while he watches some pussy porn. He might not cum in Brendon's mouth, but he does the next best thing. He turns upside down and aims for his own mouth. Watch as he shoots his wad all over himself and licks up the remains.</p>
Release Date: 08/31/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Dylan Featuring: Brendon Marley, Dylan
<p>Tommy is 'cock' cocky. We're coining that phrase just for him. He was shy in school till he realized he's got all the other boys beat in the meat department. That boosted his confidence and it's been life in the fast lane ever since. When the girls found out his secret, they flocked to him. At 20 years old, how many chicks could he have fucked? It don't matter, he's here today and no chicks in sight. Brendon is determined to get that fat fuckin dick down his throat. Tommy's a tough judge though. ''half way'', he keeps saying as Brendon turns upside down to accomplish the feat. But a tongue up his ass gets instant respect.</p>
Release Date: 08/24/16 Nut Jobs: Tommy Is Back Featuring: Tommy, Brendon Marley

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Brendon tried to chop this arborist down to size in the Cream Dream series, but Trace wasn't ready to fall. Tall as an Oak and light as an Aspen, Trace does the kind of work that builds strong bodies, but in his down time he hunts the forest for 'pussy' willow. In this scene Brendon has Trace relaxed and horny watching some video porn, so when Brendon goes down to lick his big nuts, Trace surrenders to the older guy. Watch his fat cock disappear down the wily throat of the master. This is 'gay for pay' the American way!
Release Date: 09/23/15 Cum To Daddy: Trace Featuring: Brendon Marley, Trace
<p>Since it's autumn we're celebrating homecoming, just like colleges all over the country. Alumni find their way back to the studio where a favorite 'professor' peaked their interest in life sciences. Glenn graduated a couple of years ago from the Cocks and Robbers department. (see series online) From the looks of things, he's been successful; shirt and tie, firm handshake, perfect smile. But he can't wait to get those clothes off and wave his diploma in Brendon's face. Suck this professor Marley! This scene is a few degrees north of sizzling. Well taught!</p>
Release Date: 11/11/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Glenn Featuring: Brendon Marley, Glenn
<p>We hesitate to use the word 'Superman' in describing any of our young friends, but when we saw Arizona for the first time the term nerd came to mind. So it is with that initial visual image and the fact that he literally transforms into a sexual athlete before your eyes that we claim this scene has super powers. The steady hand of a seasoned director works like magic to turn a nervous, kinda cute dude into a raging stud for hire. His huge cock is awesome and when he sees Brendon swallow that thing whole, the energy of this scene goes full throttle. This scene puts Arizona on the map as a destination state. But he isn't a state, he's a state of mind!</p>
Release Date: 11/25/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Arizona Featuring: Brendon Marley, Arizona
<p>We met Burton this past summer when he was newly arrived to the city. His Louisiana chill and bedroom eyes were the perfect antidote to a hot July day. Check out that scene in Cream Dreams and compare it to the Burton we find in the studio today. He's gone feral and looks a bit 'duck dynasty'. Scruffy sexy. There's no pressure to 'fit in' in this bohemian jungle. Fly your freak flag from the highest pole. Burton loves to get his joint sucked and has discovered he likes dick too. That's cool. No labels. We won't tell his girlfriend. She might not understand.</p>
Release Date: 11/04/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Burton Featuring: Brendon Marley, Burton
<p>Clint, a firefighter with a kinky side is an all American man's man. As if his blond hair, blue eyes and strong, beefy body weren't enough, his big, thick cock provides great practice for the hoses he uses at work, and a challenge for Brendon's throat. But as the sex heats up, the chief saves the day and puts out Clint's fire with his masterful mouth and a geyser of spooge.</p>
Release Date: 01/13/16 Dreamin Of Semen: Clint Featuring: Clint, Brendon Marley
<p>You asked for it and you got it. Jaden is back and Brendon is pushing harder than ever. To stay in shape, Jaden boxes, kayaks, and plays basketball, and his body has the lean, tight curves that result. A few weeks ago Brendon teased a load out of him, but today this 21 year-old gets a working over that will have him dizzy for a long time to come. Jaden's eyes roll back in his head and pleasure takes over his soul from the minute Brendon stakes his claim on that gorgeous dick. So much more to cum as Jaden gets his ass rimmed and eaten for the very first time. Watch it again when your blood pressure returns to normal!</p>
Release Date: 12/09/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Jaden Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Jaden

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In the next scene, we see a young kid lounging in the sauna of Brendon's favorite spa. Chad has one of the longest schlongs you've ever seen, and it's still soft!! Chad's a willing neophyte for Brendon's brand of kink. The M.C. immediately lies down in front of the gifted boy to accept his cock into his throat. Chad's ass faces the camera as he dips his cock into Brendon's pussy of a mouth. Brendon purrs like a cat as his throat fills with the girth of the swelling cock.
Release Date: 01/16/04 Heavy Loads: Chad Featuring: Brendon Marley, Chad
Ali has his stiff prick right at the edge of a shattering orgasm and Brendon is capturing the swarthy Arab on camera. His movie star looks match his macho hairy body. Caught against the black curtain, Ali is whispering “I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum” as his balls tighten and force out a salty, manly load. He's breathless now as the salty thick load oozes out of his dick head and flows down his meaty fist. That was a hot audition Ali, hope we see you again in Brendon's mouth.
Release Date: 01/23/04 Heavy Loads: Ali Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ali
This video begins with both brothers naked on the same bed. "I'll be ready to cum in 10 minutes" Kirk announces as both brothers work themselves close to the edge for a hot orgasm. Kirk is a smooth bodied jock with legs as thick as his cock. Jerry is a skinny, big dicked stud whose girlfriend pressures him to perform on her every night. You can see why. He's got a huge piece of meat for a little guy. Kirk is proud of his cock and enjoys showing it off.
Release Date: 04/09/04 Brothers part 2: Jerry, Kirk Featuring: Brendon Marley, Kirk, Jerry